This Macon, Georgia Beer Fest Is About a Lot More Than Just Beer

by Amy Myers

Residents of Macon, Georgia raised their glasses to the fight against prostate cancer at the annual Beer Fest on Saturday. Every year, the town hosts the boozy bash to raise awareness about the risks of prostate cancer in men. The proceeds from the event benefited Pints for Prostates, an organization that educates men about their health and early detection of cancer “through the language of beer.”

Since its debut in 2010, the Macon Beer Fest has become one of the biggest beer-centered events in the state. Patrons can choose from over 100 varieties of craft beer and wine and can even score “specialty” menu items with a VIP ticket. Besides sampling great beer, festival-goers could also participate in the Pint Pacer 5k which kicked off at 8 a.m. The race encouraged survivors and supporters of prostate cancer to partake in the heart-racing event before sitting down with a brew or two.

For those that preferred a shorter journey to the finish line with a bit of suds in the mix, there was also a 1-mile Beer Run. This event invited individuals or teams to run a mile while taking four stops throughout to drink a beer. The rules regarding alcohol were strict, prohibiting seltzers, lemonades and ciders. Instead, runners had to drink cans of at least 5% alcohol and no less than 355 ml. They couldn’t use straws or any other device that would help them drink faster. Translation: no shotgunning.

Finally, to involve the younger families in the crowd, the Beer Fest also held a “Superhero Dash for Dad” in which kids nine and under could race in their favorite superhero while outrunning the villain – prostate cancer. The adorable activity honored the kids’ real-life heroes, like dads uncles and grandfathers, and their efforts to stay in good health.

Kansas Holds Charitable Beer Fest in Airplane Hangar

For four years, Topeka, Kansas has hosted a charitable beer fest of their own in an unusual location. On Friday, beer fanatics gather in an airplane hangar to attend Brew HA-HA, an event that benefits the youth of Shawnee County, according to the hosts of the event, Big Brothers Big Sisters.

The event took place at Vaerus Aviation, an aircraft management company at the Topeka Regional Airport, owner of the hangar. Besides the unique venue, the beer fest also offered food, wine and sample drinks from local breweries. Ticket holders were also able to meet the masterminds behind the mash and inquire about the process.

One of the participating breweries included The Free State Brewing Co. Known for its top-notch ingredients, the brewery has mouth-watering varieties like the Guava Sour. The company also brought out its Oktoberfest variety just in time for the big event.