Maker’s Mark Whiskey Wants to Make It Much Easier to Stay Stocked Up: Here’s How

by Michael Freeman

The pandemic hasn’t been easy for anyone and it can sometimes be difficult to go out or obtain certain items. Maker’s Mark Distillery recognized this and offers people an easier way to acquire whiskey, both common and rare.

Dubbed “The Whiskey Drop,” this direct-to-consumer whiskey shipment program ships two bottles the distillery selects every few months to customers. Rob Samuels, an eighth-generation whisky maker at Maker’s Mark Distillery, issued a statement explaining why they’re doing it.

“We started this program to share some of our most innovative and hard-to-find whisky directly with friends and fans who savor it as much as we do. We started small to make sure we could deliver a great experience to our members. We’ve been blown away by their response, and we’re happy now to expand it, although we’re doing it slowly since we only have a limited quantity available of these unique Maker’s Mark expressions.”

Starting as a limited launch early this year, its availability now expands to Kentucky and Washington D.C. Though unavailable previously, recent legislation passed in Kentucky allows distilleries to ship directly to consumers in certain states. Previous shipments have included rare whiskies, such as the limited-release Private Selection, made with Roasted French Mocha and Mendiant finishing staves.

The next whiskey box, which ships in early September, includes both of Maker’s Mark ‘s 2021 Wood Finishing Series limited releases, FAE-01 and FAE-02. FAE-01 launched earlier this year, but FAE-02 hasn’t, meaning members of this service will be the first to try it. Those interested in future drops can visit their website.

Subscribing to this service also earns extra goodies, like recipes, Star Hill Farm experiences, and tasting notes. While it differs in subtle ways, this service is quite similar to Jim Beam’s “Barreled & Boxed” service.

Jim Beam Will Also Deliver Whiskey Right To Your Home

Known for its quality, affordable bourbon, Jim Beam also offered a whiskey delivery service this month. Their “Barreled & Boxed” service is quite exclusive, with the cutoff point being 500 subscribers (initially). Further, only those living in Kentucky and Washington D.C. have access to it.

Costing $270 for the fall box, subscribers receive a box every season. The first box includes a bottle of Little Book Chapter 1: The Easy (Limited Rebottling) and a bottle of Little Book Chapter 5: The Invitation.

“Two centuries ago, Jacob Beam shared his bourbon by floating barrels of it down the river. Today, we’re doing things a little differently. We’re delivering quality whiskey right to your front door. From the best of small batch to the never before bottled, each box brings bourbons worth sitting with. And worth sharing with friends, family and neighbors,” according to their website.

Though the Winter box’s contents have not been identified, it’s known to cost $210. Subscribers may also cancel at any time.