Marine Celebrates 100th Birthday with Charlotte ‘Cruise’

by Shelby Scott

Many of our WWII veterans are still here with us, telling Outsiders their stories of honor, courage, and bravery. Incredibly, many of them are surpassing, or have surpassed, their 100th birthdays. In honor of one Marine’s 100th birthday, friends and family throughout his hometown celebrated the memorable milestone with a cruise around Charlotte, North Carolina.

Charlotte resident and retired Marine, Coy A. Shue rang in his 100th birthday on Friday with quite a ride. Known by many of his family, friends, and local community members as a hero, numerous warm-hearted folk turned out to celebrate the occasion.

Shue’s Charlotte “cruise” saw organization by the community’s CarolinaCruzin4Jeeps organization, with the intention of honoring the 100-year-old marine. The Jeep Club itself is based out of Union County and contributes to several beneficiary causes. Overall, they are dedicated to giving back to the community, and giving back to one of their potentially oldest residents is one way to do so.

Of the occasion, CarolinaCruzin4Jeeps member Jennifer Connor said, “We are out here to show [Shue] our appreciation and thank him for his service to our country and give him some love today.” And what love he saw. The Charleston cruise covered quite a distance, concluding at the marine’s home with a police escort.

The celebration saw a host of commemorative activities and decorations. According to WBTV, American flags donned the entirety of Shue’s cruise route. The VFW additionally placed 100 American flags in his front yard along with a celebratory birthday sign and a vintage photo of the marine in his service days.

Charlotte Commemorates a Hero Marine

During his service, Shue served during the battles of Iwo Jima, Saipan, Roi-Namur, and Tinian. Of his service, Shue’s son, Ronnie Shue, stated, “He’s seen a lot. He’s been through a lot. He’s very lucky he’s here.”

Additionally, Shue’s granddaughter, Taylor Shue Jarina, serves as a member of the community Jeep club. And while Jarina has helped contribute toward others’ honorary moments and community events, she said it was emotional to see someone from her family be celebrated in such a way.

“My PawPaw says he’s not a hero, that heroes died, but he'[s] always been my hero,” she said. Jarina further said of the celebration, “[It] was so dear to our hearts. I ride in benefit cruises all the time for others but to see this community and my [J]eep club come out for my family…brought me to tears.”

Shue’s other son, Robbie Shue, shared his and his family’s pride as a marine family. He said, “He’s a proud Marine. We are from a Marine family. We are so proud of our mom and dad. W[e] are so lucky to have them here with us.”

As a part of the celebration honoring the U.S. Marine, the community hosted a plethora of both people and vehicles. The news outlet state the event saw dozens of people attend. Additionally, Shue’s celebration saw an attendance of 45 Jeeps and specialty vehicles as well as six bikes, two fire engines, and four local patrol cars.