Marine Corps War Dog Lucca Being Honored By Cowgirl Hall of Fame

by Courtney Blackann

Dogs are the best creatures ever. They’re also pretty great to have around in a bad situation. Dogs abilities to sense danger are also paramount for service and therapy dogs. This year, one special pup is receiving an award for her bravery.

The National Cowgirl Museum Hall of fame says the special honor goes to an animal each year “who stand courageously in protection of others.”

This year, the award is going to Lucca – a German Shepard that serves as part of the United States Marines. According to Cowboys & Indians, “Lucca’s distinguished record includes leading more than 400 patrols in Afghanistan and Iraq during three combat tours.”

She also found over 40 insurgents, explosives and ammunition — During her patrols, there were also no human casualties.

The site added:

“Lucca has been honored with medals for her service: Animals in War & Peace Medal of Bravery #6 and Great Britain’s PDSA Dickin Medal #67, the first US Marine Corps dog to receive the honor.”

Police Dog Gets Heroes Welcome

In some other dog news, a Washington state police dog is recovering after he was shot while on duty. The pup received a hero’s welcome as he arrived at a parade in his honor. The K9 named Riggs has been with the Kenosha Police Department for five years.

During an incident recently, authorities received a tip about a dangerous suspect in the area. They arrived to a gas station where they found the man. Police officials had been looking for him after he was suspected of killing two men in Chicago. However, after being found, he pulled a gun and ran. Riggs took off after him.

“In a lot of ways, he’s a hero today,” Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth told the Washington Examiner. “He took the suspect down and kept him from running onto Highway 50. Who knows if he would’ve tried to carjack someone on the highway.”

However, Riggs didn’t escape completely unscathed. The poor pup got shot amid all the action.

“They brought him in, we triage him, and they decided we just kind of had to see what was all going on,” said veterinarian Taylor Naef. “We stabilized him [and] he was a little shaky after taking a bullet to the head.”

When Riggs was healthy enough to come back to work, he got a hero’s welcome in the park.

“It has been a rough few days,” the K9’s partner Deputy Tifft said. “He’s family, he’s always been … He’s a sweet dog, but he did his job, and he saved my life. The show of support from the community means more to me than you guys will ever know,” Tifft continued.