Marine Who Was One of 13 Killed in Afghanistan Bombing Honored in Hometown Memorial Service

by Michael Freeman

The Kabul Airport bombing weeks ago was a tragedy that took the lives of 13 Americans. Yesterday a marine killed in the attack saw his hometown honor him with memorial service.

Lance Corporal Kareem Grant Nikoui died in the Kabul Airport blast. Laid out in Riverside, California, family and those who wished to honor his service joined to mourn his sacrifice. Hundreds attended his service at the Harvest Christian Fellowship.

Nikoui, who was 20-years-old, served in the campus Air Force Jr. ROTC at Norco High School. Often coming home on weekends, Nikoui valued family time.

Norco city officials issued a statement saying they will engrave Nikoui’s name on the “Lest We Forget Wall” at the George A. Ingalls Veterans Memorial Plaza.

“The City of Norco respectfully salutes the service members who paid the ultimate sacrifice in Kabul, Afghanistan, and our thoughts and prayers are with their families during this difficult time,” the statement begins. It adds he “was committed to serving his country and is survived by his mother, father and siblings.”

Nikoui’s sister, Shyler Chappell, spoke at his service yesterday. Moreover, she said she learned that her brother spent his last minutes going back into the Kabul Airport to try to save three families. Speaking to KTLA, she somberly admits knowing about his final moments. “It didn’t surprise me that those were his last moments, as he had sent our family group chat videos of him talking to the children there.”

On Friday, thousands of people took to the streets as officials took Nikoui’s coffin from Ontario International Airport to Crestlawn Mortuary in Riverside.

13 United States Troops Killed in Kabul Attack Up for Congressional Gold Medals

The 13 troops killed in the Kabul Airport attack paid the ultimate price for our country. As such, it’s only fair we recognize their heroic deeds. Appropriately, a group of U.S. senators are pushing to award all of them Congressional Gold Medals.

United States senators Elizabeth Warren and Steve Daines introduced a bipartisan bill to Congress on Wednesday. If it goes through, all 13 service members would receive Congressional Gold Medals. “Thirteen brave men and women gave the last full measure to protect Americans and our Afghan allies at a critical moment in our nation’s history — they are American heroes,” Daines said in a statement.

Furthermore, Daines thanks the brave soldiers for their service and saying it’s only right they each receive a medal. “As the U.S. concludes 20 years of combat in Afghanistan, I believe it’s fitting that Congress commemorates their sacrifice in this moment with the Congressional Gold Medal,” he continued. “On behalf of a grateful nation, thank you to these heroes and their families. And to all who wear the uniform and protect our freedom.”