Tampa Butcher Beefs Up Vending Machine Offering Raw Cuts of Meat 24/7

by John Jamison

Meat? Out of a vending machine? Now that’s innovation. Leave it to Florida man Andrew Tambuzzo to give the people of Tampa something they never knew they needed.

In reality, the meat vending machine is far from a punchline. This thing means business. According to KRON 4, the heavenly machine is located outside Tambuzzo’s butcher shop in Tampa, the Boozy Pig. Andrew Tambuzzo himself comes from a long line of Italian sausage makers. Let’s just say he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to meats.

It wasn’t until he grew up that he branched out into the world of whole-animal butchery, per KRON 4. Like many of you Outsiders, Tambuzzo built up a ton of skills from the time he spent hunting and fishing. Eventually, he put all of those skills to use when he opened up the Boozy Pig. And this past March? That’s when things really kicked into high gear. That’s when the vending machine made its debut.

As you can probably guess, the items Tambuzzo stocks in the vending machine come straight from his butcher shop. And this thing is a late-night wonder. At any given time, things like full sandwiches, burger patties, jerky, full cuts of beef and pork fill the machine. The sky is truly the limit.

That’s not all, either. Andre Tambuzzo told KRON 4 that the meat machine has a mind of its own. Okay, it’s a computer. But still, high-tech stuff for a vending machine full of meat.

“It has sensors inside that regulate the temperature. It stays anywhere between 33 and 38 degrees. Of course, it goes into its own cycles where it may get a little higher than that. But there are safety features as well, so if the temperature does go above 41 degrees and stays above that for 20 minutes, it shuts off and it will not vend,” Andrew Tambuzzo said.

Tambuzzo’s Meat Machine is Becoming a Tourist Hot Spot

Look, Japan may have a vending machine for nearly anything you can think of. But in America, a butcher shop-quality meat vending machine isn’t something you come across every day. As a result, many have found themselves fascinated by the contraption.

“For the most part, people have never seen anything like this. I get quite a few people wanting to take a picture in front of it or quite a few people wanting to buy something out of it, even though we’re open and that same product is available inside. They like the novelty of it,” Tambuzzo continued.

But it may not be a novelty for much longer. The Boozy Pig has its sights set on expansion.

“We would love to see more of these around town. We would love to really expand our footprint and our exposure to put more quality protein in the community,” he added.