Medal of Honor Recipient Speaks On Wanting to Bring the Country Together, ‘9/12’ Level of American Unity

by John Jamison

American hero Dakota Meyer, a Medal of Honor recipient and now Fox News contributor, remembers the 9/11 attacks like they happened yesterday. He was in middle school when the towers fell. Years later, he joined the Marine Corps in keeping with his family’s tradition and served his country to the best of his ability.

Like most of us, Meyer misses the times when Americans were truly united. The context of 9/11 is a tragic catalyst for that kind of togetherness. But we were together, so who’s to say we can’t achieve that again in a time of peace?

Speaking to Fox News, Dakota Meyer said he didn’t join the Marine Corps out of a desire for vengeance. He did it because he wanted to continue his family’s legacy of dedicated service to their country. Well, he did that and more.

In 2009, while running security for U.S. forces in Afghanistan, an allied patrol was ambushed. According to Fox News, upon hearing that U.S. forces got cut off by 50 enemy fighters, Meyer and a comrade jumped on a gun truck. Their own lives forgotten, Meyer and the driver took three trips through heavy gunfire, evacuating soldiers and helping their allies fend off the attack. For his actions, Meyer was awarded the Medal of Honor.

Now, the decorated veteran wants to see the country come together again. He has better reasons than most to feel bitter or divided about what’s going on at present. Yet, he continues to preach unity.

“I would never wish for another 9/11, but I would give anything for another 9/12. The events of 9/11 showed the strength of the United States of America. It’s the last time in America’s history that you’ve actually seen the true strength of the free world,” Meyer told Fox News.

What 9/11 Represents to Medal of Honor Recipient Dakota Meyer

The early hours of September 11, 2001, marked one of the darkest times in American history. It’s an unfortunate reality that it takes the darkest nights to see the brightest stars. But in the wake of the 9/11 attacks, America saw more kindness, compassion, and overall unity than it had in decades.

At least, that’s what Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer saw. And he’d love to see that same spirit once again. Of course, he wants the country to achieve that without all of the suffering that preceded 9/12.

“The majority of America came together, and all these subcategories of whatever we want to identify as were shed away and we all came together as Americans. The patriotism has never been higher since. It truly was the definition of what united looks like in this country. And that’s what 9/11 represents to me,” Meyer continued.

Americans are never going to agree on everything. That was the intent. In memory of those who lost their lives in the attacks and sacrificed them in the years following, however, we can all take a page from Dakota Meyer’s book. We can strive for unity.