Military Dad Surprises Kids Returning Home on Fire Truck: VIDEO

by Courtney Blackann

This sweet video will definitely have you crying. So grab the tissues. An Air Force veteran and his wife teamed up to surprise their four children following a lengthy deployment. And of course, the couple captured it all on video. It’s definitely worth a watch.

Television host Hoda Kotb shared the story on “Today” as she described Air Force Sgt. John Peyone setting up his special surprise. He used to work as an E.M.T., Kotb shares in the clip. So, he and his wife had an idea to set up a few emergency vehicles that would travel by their home in New Jersey.

In the video, the four young kids run out to look at the big fire trucks as they flash their lights and move slowly down the street. However, what they didn’t know was that their dad was sneaking out of the back of one of those trucks.

As the fire trucks roll by, Sgt. Peyone reveals himself. The children quickly run to hug their dad, led by the oldest child.

“Their dad snuck out of the back of the trucks and the boys all ran up and gave them welcome home hugs,” Kotb says. “So sweet.”

Military Dads Share How Experience Makes Them Positive Role Models to Their Children

There are many families whose service in the U.S. military runs for generations. It’s not uncommon for sons and daughters to follow in their parents footsteps and join the armed forces. However, a few military dads opened up about what their role in the service means to them as fathers and influencers.

For example, U.S. Marine Corps Master Gunnery Sgt. Steve Payne is a third-generation member of the military. His son and grandson are both serving in the 1st Marine Division. He shares why having a “strong partner” is paramount for a successful family dynamic.

“Trying to handle the times you’re there, and the times you’re not there — and that’s where having a strong partner, their mother, that you’re on the same sheet, so when you’re away, nothing is missing a beat,” Sgt. Payne said.

Further, Sgt. Payne’s son, Lt. Stefawn Payne recalls a moment in his own military career he was proud to have his dad by his side. That was when he was receiving his military honors.

“I never thought that would happen when I first enlisted,” Lt. Payne said. “That was a great moment and something I will always remember.”

He went on to add: “I think about how, if my kids were Marines, what I would expect from their leadership, and I try to give that type of leadership to the Marines.”