Modelo Is Spending a Boat Load as College Football Playoff’s New Sponsor

by Chris Haney

As Modelo Especial beer continues to grow in the U.S., the brand will now become the official beer of the College Football Playoffs.

Earlier today, the brand announced its newest partnership with college football. The Mexican beer brand will join the likes of Allstate, AT&T, Chick-fil-A, Gatorade and more as an official sponsor. Modelo is attempting to capitalize on its recent popularity while maintaining its position as America’s second-most bought beer. Only Bud Light has outsold Modelo in terms of U.S. beer sales so far this year.

Since 2015, another Mexican beer brand, Dos Equis, has been the College Football Playoff’s official beer sponsor. However, the brand chose not to renew their contract, which left the door open for Modelo to swoop in. Modelo vice president of brand marketing Greg Gallagher called the opportunity to pair with the huge collegiate event a “no-brainer.” He also said the beer brand has been looking for a national sponsorship to work with just like this one.

“We have a ton of growth opportunity in front us. And this is a great way to connect with those fans,” Gallagher explained, according to Sports Business Journal. “We’re growing by double digits annually, and we expect that to continue, as we reach new consumers and continue to build our business. The CFP is going to allow us to reach even more consumers. They can start to understand what we’re about and what our fighting spirit is about.”

Modelo Beer Is Bringing Its ‘Fighting Spirit’ To the College Football Playoffs

Modelo’s “Fighting Spirit” advertising campaign has been a staple of the company’s rise as a major player in the American beer business. For a few years now, the campaign has helped spearhead its growth into America’s No. 2 beer in sales. It’s also the No. 1 best-selling imported beer on the American market.

Yet its newfound sponsorship within college football is not its first foray into sports. In 2018, as they rolled out the “Fighting Spirit” campaign, Modelo struck a perfect partnership with Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). The massively popular MMA fighting organization would be one of many sports-based deals for the beer company. They also have team deals with the NFL’s New York Giants and Las Vegas Raiders. Additionally, Modelo has team deals with the MLB’s Chicago White Sox, the NBA’s Golden State Warriors, and MLS’s Los Angeles Galaxy.

The beer brand’s meteoric rise to compete with America’s most popular brews dates back to 2013. That’s when Constellation Brands acquired the rights to import and market six of the highest-selling imported beers available. The distribution company paid $4.75 billion to import the six brands, which include Corona and, of course, Modelo.

College Football Playoff sponsorships usually cost companies in the low eight figures range per year. Modelo has increased its college football ad spend to about $925,000 through October 9. The sponsorships come with season-long advertising on ESPN’s college football broadcasts as well. Fans can expect to see Modelo commercials, print ads, giveaways and more from the beer company in the near future.