More Than the Grand Canyon: Why You Should Take an Arizona Road Trip

by Kati Michelle

Sure, a plane will get you there in half the time; there’s just something so much more satisfying about packing your car up and taking the scenic route, though. A road trip can be a rite of passage and makes you feel like you accomplished something at the end of the day. If you’ve been eyeing the “Copper State” for a while, we’re here to give you that little nudge to finally set out and explore Arizona.

It comes from a place of love, Outsiders. For we know that Arizona is much more than the Grand Canyon, though that’s a natural wonder in and of itself. Here comes a breakdown of the top reasons why you should take an Arizona road trip stat:

The Perfect Arizona Road Trip: From Roughing It to the Bougie World of Luxury Spas

First and foremost, your Arizona road trip can offer variety. The state caters to every kind of traveler whether your preferred ensemble includes rugged hiking boots, worn-out cowboy boots, or microfiber robes. Packing all three? We won’t stop you.

The state is dotted with remote campsites, historical towns, and modern cities, meaning you can really visit the same state multiple times but have a completely different experience with every visit. The more remote parts offer some of the best views of the Big Sky and stars you’ve ever seen, miles away from all the light pollution. The history is also there with a variety of Native American heritage sites throughout the vast landscape.

If movies are your thing, they’ve got that covered, too. From John Wayne to Forrest Gump, your family can recreate some of the most iconic scenes in the history of film at these spots on the way to the city.

The city marks where you’ll find the thriving cultural epicenters of live music, art, and food. You can grab an authentic tamale one second, then pop on over to the distillery next door for a quick swig– all before dancing the night away. In the morning, you can get a little refresh with some world-class luxury in the form of spas. You’ll be ready to hit the road again in no time, which is a good thing because there’s so much to see.

The Varied Terrain

Scenic byways will make your Arizona road trip one for the scrapbooks. They’ll weave you through the towering saguaro cacti, all the way up to Mount Lemmon (the highest point in all of the Catalina Mountains). And the thing is, you won’t have to spend a pretty penny to experience most of the state’s beauty either. The Casa Grande Ruins, for example, marks one of the biggest prehistoric structures on the whole of the continent. And this site is completely free.

Hikes range in length and difficulty, so you’ll be able to find what best suits you and your traveling pack. And if the dry heat of the desert concerns you, you’ll find comfort in the fact that Arizona actually boasts some pretty cool water sport areas as well. Page, for example, is a notable “paradise” for just that.

At the end of the day, you’re in charge of your Arizona road trip. Let us know where you end up!