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Navy Veteran’s Request for New Scooter Goes Viral, Results in Over $75k in Donations Pouring in

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Lewis Geyer/Digital First Media/Boulder Daily Camera via Getty Images)

Unthinkable numbers of our nation’s veterans have sacrificed their lives and time with their families in order to protect American citizens and our nation overall. Now, after one Navy veteran’s call for help, Outsiders nationally came together via TikTok to help the elderly man secure a new scooter after his previous one was deemed “unfixable.” In the time since the veteran’s request for aid went viral, results have far exceeded his expectations, numbering more than $75K in donations.

The U.S. Navy Vet, Kenny Jary, aged 79, appeared on “Fox & Friends Weekend” on Sunday. During the feature, Jary and his friend Amanda Kline shared their story of how they met, what led to the fundraising efforts, and, finally, the sum total of what’s been contributed to Jary’s GoFundMe so far.

The last Jary and Kline were aware, the veteran had raised just over $5,000 for his new electric scooter. During their appearance on the show, co-host Will Cain revealed the most recent jaw-dropping total at the time, a highly generous $75K+ sum. Since then, that number has increased to more than $90K.

Jary and Kline both revealed their shock, the Navy vet breaking into a teary statement.

In his address to those kind Americans who aided in his fundraising efforts, he stated, “I sure got a flock of angels, believe me. They’re all watching over me.”

Jaw-Dropping Sums Provide Great Stability for the Navy Veteran

While the sum is more than enough to provide the veteran not one, but two, brand new scooters to greater enable his mobility, Kline shared the pair’s thoughts on what they may do with the remaining sum.

“We have a lot of ideas,” Kline shared with “Fox & Friends.”

“First of all, his house is not safe for him,” she told the outlet. So she and others have plans to help Jary move into a more accessible, safer home. Additionally, she said, “We’ll take care of all his medical bills and all his debt,” a number that is no doubt substantial among today’s economy.

And finally, she shared that the two have discussed ideas surrounding giving back to other veterans, a cause no doubt close to the Navy Vet’s heart.

However, Kline didn’t express much further concerning what the two plan to do with the donation funds.

Although, she did say that Kenny needs to “enjoy life” and “live worry-free,” Kline emphasized.

At the conclusion of the interview, “Fox & Friends” hosts congratulated Jary on the noteworthy sum and expressed further appreciation to those Americans who donated to the veteran’s funds. “Now you have two scooters and more,” they said. “You can scoot to Mars if you want,” the cohost joked.

However, in all seriousness, Outsider wishes nothing but the best for the beloved Navy Vet. We hope Jary’s new scooters bring him all the mobility he needs.