New Photos Show How the Toyota Tacoma is Changing with New Models

by Lauren Boisvert

It looks like the Toyota Tacoma is getting a facelift for its 2022 models. According to Jalopnik, someone spotted a wrapped up new Tacoma on the road and speculated on some of its new features.

The new Tacoma is still mid-sized, just big enough for everyone’s hauling needs but not the size of a NASA space shuttle. Based on cutouts in the wrap, it looks like the lighting will be updated along the front and rear. The Tacoma will still be boxy and strong, keeping its signature shape. It also sported a flared wheel arch, according to Jalopnik, that looks new.

The Tacoma is wrapped up tight, barring any sneak peeks, so it looks like fans and consumers will have to wait for the big reveal to get any more details.

Toyota Tundra Goes Hybrid and Tech Savvy

As far as Toyota’s full-size trucks go, the Tundra got its own redesign in September. It’s been 14 years since Toyota redesigned a full-size truck; it seems like the company decided it was about time.

The first thing we notice about the new Tundra is the engine swap. A lot of Tundra owners were fans of the previous V8 engine. The switch to two 3.5-liter twin-turbocharged i-Force V6 powertrains should be interesting. There’s also the i-Force Max electric option; this ups the horsepower to 437, instead of the 389 of the standard i-Force.

The Tundra also comes with standard safety features like emergency breaking, lane assists, and collision avoidance.

As for other tech, the display has been upgraded from 8 inches to 14 inches; a 360-degree camera has been added as a non-standard feature; and there’s a panoramic sunroof.

Overall, the new Tundra offers a smoother ride, with a lot of new tech and better power options than previous models.

GM Upping the Stakes as Well

In July, General Motors revealed that they’d be adding the Super Cruise feature to the Cadillac Escalade, CT-4, CT-5, and the Chevy Bolt EUV. Super Cruise is GM’s advanced cruise control system as part of the Vehicular Intelligence Platform upgrade.

Super Cruise does something no cruise control has ever done before: changes lanes for you. With the change lane option activated, the car can sense when another vehicle is driving below the set speed. The car then anticipates and executes a lane change, without the driver having to do anything. The vehicle will only pass on the left unless the left lane is blocked and it is safe to pass on the right.

The vehicle will not execute a lane change when it’s towing something, but it will accommodate and adjust for extra weight on the vehicle.