Oak & Eden Whiskey Tapping More Celebs After Success of ‘Yellowstone’ Star’s Signature Line

by Courtney Blackann

If you’re a fan of whiskey, you’re going to love this new twist. With a mix in style and flavor, Oak & Eden’s new celebrity-inspired whiskey line is mouth-watering. The Anthro Series will work to develop highly individualized whiskies motivated by celebrity tastes.

“Crafted in collaboration with America’s most notable ramblers, the Anthro Series is a collaborative product line of one-of-a-kind whiskeys created by one-of-a-kind people,” the Oak & Eden website says of the line.

Further, each whiskey will also be a signature piece. Inspired by different aromas, earthy tastes, and base flavors, the whiskey company will roll out one new whiskey a month for the next several months. And the lineup of celebrity partners is also pretty impressive.

Additionally, the company recently had success with a collaboration of “Yellowstone’s” Forrie J. Smith. What makes the product so cool and unique is that the celebrity chooses a base whiskey – in other words, bourbon, rye, four-grain bourbon or wheat bourbon – and then customizes the aging process.

“The Anthro Series is the pinnacle of the Oak & Eden brand,” Cofounder & CMO of Oak & Eden Brad Neathery said, according to Whiskey Wash. “We are giving the power to the people, allowing them to create their own one-of-a-kind whiskey on their terms, not ours. This is only the beginning of a much larger initiative, and we couldn’t be more honored to partner with Forrie and Kina to kick off the Anthro Series.”

Calling the most recent collaboration the ‘Troubadour Chapter,’ Oak & Eden has a stacked set of delicious products to roll out.

The Whiskey Products

Collaborations include:

  • Jamestown Revival, a country folk duo from Texas
  • Filmore, a Missouri-based musical artist
  • “The Civil War’s” John Paul White
  • Abraham Alexander, also a musical performer from Texas
  • Penny & Sparrow, an Indie-folk group

Each whiskey will be specifically aged, processed, and chosen by the celebrity. Different variations include heavy or medium toasted, 90 or 116 proof, American oak, French oak, and charred or un-charred barrels.

Further, the elaborate whiskies include a Spire right inside the bottle. In other words, Oak & Eden’s special ingredient. It’s a spiral-cut pice of oak that sits in each individual whiskey bottle. It releases flavors not gathered during the aging process – and is completely unique to Oak & Eden.

The distillers call this “In-Bottle Finishing” and the process definitely creates some amazing flavors.

Whether you’re a strict bourbon drinker, prefer the subtle taste of rye, or like a really smokey whiskey, the ‘Troubadour Chapter” of whiskies is sure to be successful.

The whiskies are now available at Oak & Eden’s website. Each bottle of whiskey costs between $50 and $110 – which are incredibly reasonable for the customized spirits.