This ‘One of One’ $200M Texas Ranch Might Be the Premier Property in the US

by Anna Dunn

This $200 million Texas Ranch might be the premier property in the US right now. The near 80,000-acre property in West Texas has a deep history along with that price tag.

The ranch is called the Truck Turkey Ranch and is near the panhandle of the state. Icon Global Group announced last month that the family that’s owned the ranch for almost 120 years has decided to sell the property. The ranch was founded in the 1870s.

The property has oil and grass resources but is also home to a diverse array of wildlife species. There’s a ranch house along with several other structures designed for cattle and farming. The Dallas Morning News reports that its these recourses that make the property so high value.

The offering also includes wind and solar rights as well as agricultural and water resources. It’s a major property, and Icon Global Group says “there’s nothing else like it in Texas.”

“We have instead priced this property by virtue of its one-time opportunity, its singular and unique attributes, and its scarcity, along with add value factors as many other ranches cannot do,” Icon Global Group founder Bernard Uechtritz said in a statement. “Size in my book is always an add value, not a discount. There is no other like it in Texas, and there never will be.”

The Texas Ranch is also Described as one of the states “Premiere Ranches”

Despite the steep price tag, there’s been interest from buyers within the state, country, and even internationally.

“This ranch is a stand-alone and it stands head and shoulders above anything else listed, sold or currently under contract,” Uechtritz continued. “It is simply a one of one, and possibly the last of the great ones. Once it is sold, it’s likely to be owned for another 120 years.”

It’s not just Uechritz and Icon Global Group that feel so strongly about the ranch. Mixey Nixon, an appraiser with Capital Farm Credit, also noted how rare a sale of a ranch like this is.

“After touring the ranch for the first time, I am convinced this is one of Texas’ most premier ranches,” said Mickey Nixon, a lead appraiser for Capital Farm Credit. “Ranches of this size with a legacy of responsible stewardship, abundant water resources, outstanding recreational potential and historical significance are rare and seldom offered for sale.”

The Texas ranch is also steeped in important history. Two monuments on the ranch are dedicated to battles fought there between Native Americans, bison hunters, and Army Troops in what are called the Battles of the Adobe Walls. Those battles were fought between 1864 and 1874 according to Yahoo!

You can see a massive video on the ranch with plenty of information and beautiful pictures below: