One Oklahoma Small Town Will Literally Give You a Year’s Supply of Coffee to Move There

by Jacklyn Krol

Would you move to Oklahoma if they gave you a house?

According to Make My Move, the town of Stillwater is ready to fork over an impressive gifts package for those who want to make the big move. Stillwater is the home of Red Dirt music, the sub-genre of country music named after their soil. They are also home of Oklahoma State University.

The tight knit community is between Oklahoma City and Tulsa. Locals are able to live in a small town while being close to big city attractions. The population is 50,000 and growing. Their typical high is 93 while their average low is 22 degrees. The average home costs about $183,371.

Before we get into the perks that come with becoming a resident of Stillwater, let’s go over the fine print. Applicants must be first-time home buyers in Stillwater, which will be located in city limits, and the home must be owner occupied.

So what will you get for moving? They are offering free coffee for a year from their local shop, Aspen Coffee in Fountain Square. This equates to $2,000. Additionally, you’ll get martial arts classes for adults and children for a year. This includes the uniforms and class fees. The local chamber of commerce will also give “gifts from local restaurants, stores, coffee shops, and more.”

Another Oklahoma Town and Beyond

The town of Tulsa, Oklahoma is offering a similar incentive package to remote workers. The person must move within the next twelve months, accept a position with an inTulsa partner company or work remotely full time. Applicants also must be able to work in the United States and be over the age of 18.

The inTulsa network is seeking to “help newcomers establish the social and professional connections they need to thrive in Tulsa.” You can also work remotely outside of Tulsa to be eligible. The best part? Applicants can claim up to $10,000 in relocation incentives. They will also receive a year membership to a co-working space and community events.

Tulsa has a population of 766,000 people with the airport on site. Their high is 93 while their low is 28. Additionally, the median home value is $137,740.

If you’re looking for a different kind of incentive, why not try Indiana? The town of Greensburg is offering an in-demand grandparent incentive.

The New York Post reported about the new perk. The only eligibility requirements are that the person must relocate in twelve months, have a remote position outside of the town, be over the age of eighteen, and be eligible to work in the United States. Incentives include $5,000 along with $2,000 in gift cards and a YMCA membership. You’ll also have access to a co-working space and invitations to neighbors’ homes for home cooked meals and a theater pass.

The best part and most unique part are the grandparents. In an interview with Fox 59, one of the grandparents spoke about the process. Which entails matching new residents with local senior citizens.

I am willing to be a grandma to anyone’s child who needs that person in their life,” Tami Wenning, the executive director for the Decatur County Community Foundation said. “Our community is just really warm and welcoming to people and I just want people to come here and feel good about the choice that they made.”