Outsider Cowboy Cooking: Egg in a Hole With Sausage & Sawmill Gravy

by Jim Casey

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. While that’s up for debate, it’s definitely my favorite. And there’s nothing I like more than a good breakfast when I’m camping, hiking, hunting, or enjoying the outdoors. Thankfully, there are plenty of good breakfast options when you’re cowboy cooking with Outsider, including this one: Egg in Hole with Sausage and Sawmill Gravy.

Egg in Hole is an old cowboy cooking “trick.” Basically, you cut a hole into an edible object (toast, sausage, onion, etc.) and cook the egg inside. Of course, Egg in a Hole has a few pseudonyms, including Egg in a Basket, Toad in a Hole, Egg Hole, and more. Today, I’m using breakfast sausage to wrangle my egg.

This hearty breakfast is big enough for two, requires only a handful of ingredients, and cooks in one vessel.


  • 1/2 pound breakfast sausage
  • 1 egg
  • 1 slice of bread
  • 8 oz. half-and-half (or whole milk)
  • 1 tbs. butter
  • 2 tbs. flour

Cowboy Cooking Vessel

I’m using my No. 8 Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven. The No. 8 holds two quarts and weighs 11 pounds. This model, used for cowboy cooking over a fire, has three feet on the bottom and a lid that features a lip for placing embers on top, if needed. You can also flip the lid over and use it as a plate, which I do today.

Another thing I love about this meal is you can fit all of the ingredients inside the Dutch oven. So if you’re hiking, let’s say to a deer stand, it’s convenient enough to bring with you.

Prep Work

The prep for this meal is minimal. But I did transfer my half-and-half into an eight-ounce Mason jar.

If you don’t have small containers for your flour or butter, a plastic bag will suffice. And if your breakfast sausage is wrapped in butcher’s paper instead of plastic, you can use a couple of pieces of the paper to help start your fire.


Build a small cooking fire in a safe area. I’m using a large, flat rock.

Place your Dutch oven over the fire. Melt half of the butter (1/2 tbs.). Add the bread. Toast for one minute on each side. Remove.

Pat the breakfast sausage into a large patty, and place it into the Dutch oven. Use the Mason jar lid (or a knife) to make the outline of a “hole” in the sausage.

Cook the sausage about 3 minutes. Flip sausage. Remove the sausage “cutout,” and set aside. Crack your egg into the sausage “hole.” Cook the sausage and egg, about 3 minutes.

Place the lid on the Dutch oven to increase cooking speed, but it’s not necessary. Remove the sausage and egg when it’s cooked to your liking, and place on the toast.

Add the sausage cutout back into the Dutch oven. Chop it up and continue to cook, about 3 minutes. When the sausage is cooked, push to one side of the Dutch oven. Add the rest of the butter (1/2 tbs.). When it melts, sprinkle the flour into the Dutch oven to make a roux.

Keep stirring the roux and sausage so it doesn’t burn, about 2 minutes. Add 8 oz. of half-and-half. Continue stirring and cooking, about 3 minutes, until the mixture reaches the thickness of gravy.

Pour gravy over Egg in a Hole. Extinguish your fire. Enjoy your cowboy cooking masterpiece.