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Pabst Blue Ribbon Wants to Pay You to Have a Beer-Themed Home

by Madison Miller
Photo Illustration by: Drew Angerer/Getty Images

People seem to love to plaster huge beer and alcohol-themed posters all over their home. That tends to specifically include the garage and a tricked-out basement. This will include anything from rugs to framed posters to wall decals to bottle openers to fridges and anything in between.

There’s no better way to feel at home than to be surrounded by some of your favorite things, after all.

Pabst Blue Ribbon Advertising Plan

Now, Pabst Blue Ribbon is making sure that it is being included in home renovation projects. The company is giving away free branded merchandise all the way up until September 24. You can check it out on PBRInHomeAdvertising.com.

This includes anything from shower curtains to toilet seats to add to your home space.

In addition to getting free decorations from the popular brand, Pabst Blue Ribbon is taking it all a step further. Since these items just sitting in a cold, dark basement isn’t going to do anything for the brand, PBR is urging people to post pictures of the items they receive.

Pabst Blue Ribbon will then pay you for these pictures posted.

“Each item has a corresponding monetary value, in which participants send them in and Pabst Blue Ribbon posts proof of installation, then you get paid to ‘run’ the ads inside the comfort of your home. Why? Because Pabst Blue Ribbon’s ads need a home and they’d rather pay you than a media fat cat,” PBR said in a news release, according to Food & Wine.

Payout from the Experience

Pabst Blue Ribbon is really changing up the marketing game. People have long been accustomed to basically being walking billboards after all. Logos and brands are plastered all over our clothes and even our home. Now, PBR wants to finally pay us for being the crucial element to its marketing campaign.

The brand said that the idea for this marketing campaign came after the realization of just how much time people are spending at home in recent years.

As for the payout, you can get between $10 and $50 for your in-home marketing efforts with Pabst Blue Ribbon. It depends on what item you selected from the advertising site. Each item has a different monetary value that is then taken into consideration with the payout.

It’s an easy, possibly even fun way, to make money at home. If you’re a massive fan of PBR, you also get some free merchandise. You may also start to see the brand pop up a lot more on your social media feed very soon.

The items on the site are sold out right now. However, there is a restock happening Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at 10 a.m. CT. People are seemingly desperate for some beer merch.

Several social media users have resorted to showing their bleak and bland spaces and begging for some decorations. One user wrote, “I am 21yo marketing major who lives in a godawful apartment with horrible maintenance staff I am ur perfect market for this ad campaign pls send bath mats.”