PHOTO: Indiana Boys Stop and Pay Respects at Military Veteran’s Funeral After Riding By on Bikes

by Shelby Scott

There is a sentiment that younger generations don’t have the same respect or understanding for what their elders have achieved or sacrifice. However, two Indiana boys proved that there are still many youngsters that do understand, as they stopped their bike ride to show their respects for a deceased Army veteran and his funeral procession.

Jacqui Hornbach, who was dog-sitting for a friend in Batesville, IN, captured the photo of the two boys and shared it on her Twitter feed. Together, they stand stoically, hands clasped behind their back as the funeral procession played the traditional “Taps.”

The funeral, held for 89-year-old Army veteran Charles Everett Yorn, took place at First Methodist Episcopal Cemetary on Thursday. Hornbach said the two boys “stood with arms behind their backs, silently, the entire time,” as the procession played taps in honor of the military servicemember’s dedication.

“It was as if they didn’t even have to discuss it before doing it,” Hornbach continued. “It was so natural for them.” Following her observance of the respectful pair of boys, FOX News reported she too felt inspired to stand amid the procession.

“They did the gun salute and the boys jumped back [on] their bikes and went on their way,” she concluded.

WXPI, a local news station to Batesville, IN, reported that Hornbach’s post attracted the attention of the deceased Army vet’s granddaughter. “

That was my grandpa’s funeral,” commented Kendra Yorn Pierson. “Thank you so much to those two young boys.”

It’s moments like these that make Outsiders everywhere proud.

WWII Veteran Finally Laid to Rest 80 Years Later

As WWII ended more than 80 years ago, it makes sense that we are seeing more and more of our senior vets pass from our world to the next. However, among the fatalities that resulted from the devastating war, many of our nation’s soldiers returned to us unidentified. Recently, however, one WWII veteran finally received identification and returned to his family, laid to rest in his Michigan hometown.

The veteran, finally identified as Francis Flaherty, previously resided in the Graves of the Unknowns in Honolulu, Hawaii. Before his death, Flaherty served in the Naval Reserves during WWII. He was stationed at Pearl Harbor when he died. He previously earned the Medal of Honor. Flaherty is credited with protecting and saving fellow servicemen during the attack on Pearl Harbor.

As Flaherty returned home and finally laid to rest in Charlotte, MI last month, fellow veteran Randy Meyer said, “we have to honor the people that have gone before us.”

Flaherty’s family members said, “There’s no better resting place than his hometown…I’ve never seen so much love in my life. We’re happy to bring him home.”