Retired Flight Attendant Honors Colleagues Who Died in 9/11 by Pushing Drink Cart Over 200 Miles

by Megan Molseed

“I turned my life around to be able to recognize these guys who were never recognized,” said Paul Veneto as he prepared for a heroic walk to honor lives lost during the September 11 attacks. “We all can tell this country and the world that these crew members were heroes on 9/11.”

Paul Veneto is a former flight attendant. He is also one of the many that lost several friends and colleagues twenty years ago.

This year, Paul Veneto has decided to honor his friends and colleagues of United Flight 175 who lost their lives when the plane was hijacked that September morning. And, the best way Veneto could think to do this was to complete a 200-mile journey. The journey which Paul will complete with a drink cart stretches from Boston to ground-zero in New York City. The United Flight 175 had originally departed from Boston’s Logan International Airport, headed to Los Angeles that tragic day.

A Moving Inspiration to Honor Victims of the September 11 Attacks

The tireless former flight attendant has decorated the drink cart that will accompany him on the journey with photographs that serve as inspiration. The photos depicted all over the cart feature images of the United Flight 175 crew who tragically lost their lives during the horrific attacks.

“I look on top of this cart, I see these crew members’ faces,” Paul Veneto said of the images.

“Every time my legs hurt, it’s cold, rainy, they’re smiling back at me,” the inspired walker continued. “The pain goes away.”

Most of the funds raised during the journey called Paulie’s Push will be used to help the families of Venetos United Flight 175 airline colleagues who died in the September 11 attacks.

The funds raised during Veneto’s unique journey will also be used to help the non-profit organization, Power Forward 25.

This is an organization that works to help people who are recovering from opioid addiction.

Veneto is a recovering opioid addict himself. The former flight attendant developed a potentially deadly dependency on opioids; while struggling with the tragedy of the September 11 attacks.

A Moving Journey to Honor His Friends and Colleagues

Paul Veneto was working as a flight attendant when the attacks occurred. His regular run was aboard United Flight 175; however, Veneto had the day off on September 11, 2001.

Paul Veneto set off on his journey, last Saturday, August 21, starting at Boston’s Logan Airport. His goal is to reach ground zero with his beverage cart by September 10. Just one day before the twentieth anniversary of the September 11 attacks.

In all, the retired flight attendant will be pushing an airline beverage cart over 200 miles from Boston to New York City.