Take Rolls-Royce Into Your Home With the New Whiskey and Cigar Chest

by Matthew Memrick

Now you can get a Rolls-Royce in your home as the company has made a unique whiskey and cigar case for the refined fan.

The Rolls-Royce Cellarette is a high-end container that includes a whisky bottle holder and luxury drinking glasses while also storing cigars in a humidor-like pocket on the sides. Just like the car, the device can be “tailored” to a customer’s needs.

Rolls-Royce Cellarette Has Nice Features

The Whiskey Wash took a look at the stylish combination.

It’s marketed as a unique whiskey and cigar chest for hosts who want to have a luxurious time with a few friends. It reportedly builds on the car company’s “heritage” of helping clients foster good times.

The whisky-holding part has a leather-lined, black aluminum bottle holder for different sizes. The humidor part, made with special Spanish cedarwood, comes with a hygrometer and Paris creator S.T. Dupont-made cigar cutter and lighter.

In a statement, Bespoke Designer Nicholas Abrams mentioned the history of cellarettes in this creation, saying they secured wine and spirits. This particular Rolls-Royce bespoke chest can store before or after alcoholic drinks with cigars in a “spectacular fashion.”

This Cellarette is aluminum with Rolls-Royce Havana leather. It comes with a special Obsidian Ayous Open Pore veneer serving tray with Spirit of Ecstasy inlay. Notably, it will fit into the rear of any Rolls-Royce while converting to a centerpiece at any function.

Also, it opens with illumination. There’s a warm, ambient glow similar to the opening of coach doors of a Rolls-Royce. 

The glasses. Yes, these particular RR monogrammed glasses rotate out as the unit opens, like the way some home theater screens detract from the ceiling. As the glasses come out, so does the bottle basket, held into an aluminum fastener by magnets.

As for the humidor, the hydrometer measures the cigars by humidity levels. Its carefully-crafted design serves to remind owners of a Rolls-Royce clock’s hands.

Finally, two smaller containers (also held by magnets) are on both sides for the cigar cutter/lighter and an ashtray. The fine ashtray only extends out when the container opens up.

The Cost Of A Rolls-Royce Cellarette 

What will this exemplary device set you back? Well, if you wanted to buy the cheapest Rolls-Royce car at a $311,000 price tag, this Cellarette will only set you back a mere $55,000. You can only buy it through Rolls-Royce dealerships.

According to the Miami Herald, there are 40 dealerships in North America. Of them, six are in Florida. Worldwide, the company has 138 locations in 50 countries.

How many Rolls-Royce cars sell in the United States? Well, we don’t know about last year, but the BMW-owned company sold a record 5,152 cars in 2019 for the most in history. That was up 25 percent from the previous year (4,107).