Samuel Adams Is Coming Out With ‘Space Beer’ Made From Hops Launched Into Orbit on SpaceX’s Inspiration4

by Clayton Edwards

Samuel Adams has a wide range of beers. No matter what the season, mood, or pairing, the Boston-based brewer has you covered. Soon, some lucky beer enthusiasts will be able to pick up suds with components that traveled over 350 miles into space.

According to Business Insider, it all started last month when the head of the company funding SpaceX’s Inspiration4 mission sent out a tweet. Jared Isaacman, owner of Fast4Company announced that he would be auctioning off 66 pounds of hops that are aboard the rocket. It didn’t take long for the Samuel Adams Twitter account to jump on the offer. The brewery replied, “Space hops! Far out. We’re all about taking beer to new places. We’ll take this to the brewery team.”

However, this isn’t just a billionaire selling space hops. In fact, all of the money from the sale of the hops will go to benefit St. Jude Children’s Hospital. So, Samuel Adams is getting the opportunity to produce some unique beer while also helping children who need it most. Somehow, I can’t help but believe that the charity behind the brew will make it that much better.  

Samuel Adams will donate $100,000 to St. Jude. However, it is only a fraction of Isaacman’s goal of raising $200 million for the hospital’s cancer research.

Matt Withington, director of marketing for Samuel Adams told Business Insider, “We’ve actually always talked about sending beer to space,” and the stars just happened to align for the upcoming batch. Isaacman’s tweet sparked an immediate response from the brewer’s loyal customers. As a result, they knew it was time to finally make their space beer dream a reality.

The Inspiration4 mission took flight on Wednesday (Sept. 15) and will come back to earth tomorrow. During their three-day space mission, the crew will make art, do research, and enjoy a rare view of the splendor of Mother Earth.

More Information About Samuel Adams’ Space Beer

There is no word on when Samuel Adams will take possession of the space hops. However, it doesn’t look like they’re wasting any time. The Boston-based beer manufacturer will put the as-yet-unnamed space beer into production almost immediately. Curious and thirsty customers should be able to get their hands on it later this fall.

According to the report linked above, Samuel Adams will probably turn the space hops into a “traditional West Coast IPA.” Which will probably bring a collective groan from many beer enthusiasts. However, that particular brew puts the hops front and center.

There’s no word on how much space beer Samuel Adams plans to produce. However, according to Popular Mechanics, a pound of hops will yield about eight gallons of beer. Samuel Adams is getting 66 pounds of hops from space. So, if they solely use those hops for their new brew, they’ll only produce 528 gallons.

No matter how they decide to mix it, supplies will be limited. So, keep your eyes peeled.