Smoke Wagon Uncut The Younger Taste Test: Jay Cutler, Brandon Try the Newly Released Las Vegas Bourbon Whiskey

by TK Sanders

Outsider’s Jay Cutler and Brandon Chesbro cracked three bottles of Smoke Wagon Whiskey a few weeks ago, and now they’re back with a specialty offering from the Las Vegas distillery. Usually Jay and Brandon test three bottles from the same company in an effort to decide which tier offers the best taste for the price. On this week’s Bourbon Taste Test, though, the guys cracked open a bottle (or two) of Smoke Wagon Uncut The Younger for a quick, single bottle video.

According to the Smoke Wagon website, Uncut The Younger began as a dream to make a cask-strength sibling the way Small Batch has Uncut Unfiltered. “Releasing a Rare & Limited younger Uncut was one thing,” company founder Aaron Chepenik writes. “But being able to offer an affordable cask strength bourbon that could be one of our core expressions AND a high proof lover’s daily sipper, really got me excited.”

The new offering from Aaron, who Jay and Brandon both love for his raw authenticity and sense of humor, got Outsider excited, too. Let’s take a look at Smoke Wagon’s latest bottle of bourbon whiskey — Uncut The Younger.

Smoke Wagon Uncut The Younger

  • Nose: fruit forward with tons of candy notes
  • Palate: sweet candy, cinnamon spice, and maple syrup
  • Finish: buttery and creamy mouthfeel, delicate with gentle heat
  • Proof: 116 proof, or 58% alcohol by volume
  • MSRP: $50.99

“Alright, back another wee with another bourbon,” Brandon began. “Although this time we’re changing it up a bit. Smoke Wagon just released this beaut, which is a slightly less expensive version of their flagship, the Uncut Unfiltered.”

“I wonder if they’ll sponsor my podcast,” Jay thought aloud. “We’re kind of sharing the same name at this point.”

“I’m super excited by this,” Brandon said. “Just released. I’ve been looking for it for a while now.”

After working through a secret message on the bottle written in Latin (that you’ll have to watch to find out what it said), the guys poured themselves a hearty sip.

“Smells great. Got some spice,” Brandon immediately noticed. Jay agreed: “Lots of spice, takes your whole mouth out. Cinnamon, lots of cinnamon. But it doesn’t burn you up.”

“The thing I love about it is that it’s not that ‘syrupy’ sweet, it’s just naturally sweet,” Brandon said. “Another freakin’ winner from Smoke Wagon.”

“They haven’t missed,” Jay nodded. “It’s amazing how consistent they are. I’m also seeing them more and more in different liquor stores. I love the bottle, it’s out of Vegas which is so different.”

“The fact that [Aaron] is blending this stuff pretty much all on his own … he’s getting all these barrels, and then mixing them, and then mass producing them, it’s just so good,” Brandon pointed out. “And yes, surprisingly so consistent.”

With a few more congratulations and approvals, the tasting came to a successful end. So if you’re looking for a smooth, affordable, and available bourbon with an interesting backstory to tell around a fire, look no further than Jay Cutler and Brandon Chesbro’s “consistent” winner, Smoke Wagon Uncut The Younger.