Snag a Free Beer by Trading in Your Old Bike Parts

by Chris Haney

Want free beer? Of course you do. If you live in the Albuquerque, New Mexico area and have spare bicycle parts, you can earn yourself a free drink.

A local brewhouse teamed up with a community bike shop to work together on a new donation program for bicyclists. Esperanza Community Bike Shop was looking for a way to bring in bike parts and whole bicycles that can be used to get more cyclists on the road.

Like many other manufacturers around the globe, bike and bike part makers have been impacted by recent supply shortages. Therefore the New Mexico bike shop is taking matters into their own hands. That’s why they’ve teamed up with Canteen Brewhouse in Albuquerque.

Anyone that has a bicycle, or even just parts of a bike sitting around, can turn them in for a discount or free beer. For those that bring in bike parts to the brewhouse, you’ll receive a discount on your order. For those that donate an entire bike to the good cause, you’ll receive a cold beer of your choice on the house. It’s a win-win situation for all involved.

The donation drive began yesterday on Thursday, Oct. 17. The event will run through the weekend until the end of business on Sunday, Oct. 17. Canteen Brewhouse promoted the donation drive on their Facebook page as well.

“We are excited to collect bike parts for Esperanza Community Bike Shop in conjunction with the @cityofalbuquerque Parks and Recreation. Bring in your spare bike parts and receive a discount, donate a whole bike and let us buy you a beer! Starting this Thursday 10/14/2021,” the brewhouse wrote on their post.

Truckload of Beer Spills All Over Wisconsin Highway

While beer lovers in New Mexico have some good news to celebrate with the bike donation event, beer lovers in Wisconsin weren’t so lucky last week. Unfortunately, Oktoberfest in the state got off to a bit of a rough start for fans of Leinenkugel beer.

On Oct. 6, a huge semi-truck carrying tons of the beer toppled over spilling a large amount of the beer all over the side of the highway. It’s a sad day to see that much of the beverage go to waste, but accidents do happen. Looking on the bright side, there were thankfully no serious injuries due to the accident. The driver sustained some minor injuries and received a citation for inattentive driving.

The incident happened on Wisconsin’s I-94 around mile marker 103 as the semi traveled eastbound. Reports stated that it took officials six hours to clean up the highway. The right lane of I-94 shut down for hours before both lanes of traffic opened again.

“Traffic on eastbound I-94 at mile marker 103 in Jackson County is restricted to one lane because of a single-vehicle crash. Motorists should expect delays,” the Wisconsin Department of Transportation shared on Twitter.