Snyder’s Sees Your Beer & Pretzels, And Raises You Beer Brewed With Pretzels

by Michael Freeman

A staple in bars for a reason, beer and pretzels make a good pairing. Snyder’s seems to recognize this and with their latest collaboration, makes it easier to acquire the two.

Announcing a partnership with New York’s Captain Lawrence Brewing, Snyder’s of Hanover will now combine the classic duo of beer and pretzels. Launched to coincide with Oktoberfest, the “first-ever Snyder’s of Hanover pretzel beer collection” is called Snyder Bier.

Furthermore, the beer comes in two varieties: Pretzel Märzen and Pretzel Frücht. The former blends “a classic malty taste with elevated notes of slow-baked Snyder’s of Hanover Mini pretzels.” The latter is a “gose-style ale brewed with Snyder’s of Hanover pretzels, passion fruit, and guava.” Its profile balances sweet and savory flavors.

Rachel Sasser, director of marketing, pretzels, nuts and popcorn at Campbell Snacks states their reasoning. The organization wants to make it easier to bring the spirit of Oktoberfest to your home. Additionally, possible event cancellations are another reason.

“With the possibility that Oktoberfest events may need to be canceled or move to virtual for a second year in a row, we wanted to give consumers an easy way to bring the spirit of the festival home. The mixture of our slow-baked pretzels with Captain Lawrence’s refreshing brew is guaranteed to make you want to celebrate Oktoberfest from wherever you are.”

Founder and brewmaster Scott Vaccaro of Captain Lawrence Brewing is equally excited about the partnership. “Our team at Captain Lawrence loves the challenge of pushing the boundaries to create new and exciting flavors our fans will love, so when Snyder’s of Hanover reached out to take our partnership a step further, we said game on.”

You can buy the brews on for $14.99 while supplies last.

Army Ranger Vet Makes App to Deliver Beer Directly to Your Door

Drinking and driving is never a good decision. Learning this firsthand and losing his future with the military, a former Army Ranger is making an app to deliver beer straight to you.

Cardia Summers served two tours in Afghanistan, earning NCO and soldier of the year twice. To say he was doing well is an understatement. However, after drinking one night and getting behind the wheel in 2019 to get more beer, he chose an honorable discharge since his military career was over. He was in his junior year at Columbia University when he became a civilian again. Nevertheless, he wanted to create a business as a sort of “redemption” for his mistake.

As such, Summers opened an alcohol delivery service in New York City. “For me, it’s preventing someone from doing something as detrimental as I did,” he told the New York Post. “I could have lost my life—or, worse, taken a life.”

His app-based business should launch next month. Moreover, it will only charge a $2.99 delivery fee and promises orders will be on your doorstep in an hour. Dubbed “Cheers,” the service will deliver to all five NTC boroughs.