South Carolina-Based Whiskey Company Paying Homage to Elvis Presley With Special New Brand

by Michael Freeman

Over the years, legendary musician Elvis Presley has received a slew of tributes and homages. A particularly strong one as of late comes from a South Carolina whiskey company with their special new brand.

South Carolina-based Grain & Barrel Spirits has created a whiskey brand paying homage to Elvis Presley. The range currently features two 45 percent ABV expressions, a whiskey and a rye. Both spirits are bottled in Tennessee, Presley’s home state.

Elvis Whiskey is a Tennessee straight whiskey. It offers the aromas of citrus, sweet corn, toasted oak, and apple. Additionally, it features flavors of Granny Smith apple, caramel, maple, and crème brulée.

Meanwhile, Elvis Rye is a straight Indiana rye. This drink offers grassy notes, with a dash of citrus and spice. The taste contains flavors of pepper, vanilla wafers, butterscotch, and toasted oak.

Founder of Grain & Barrel Spirits Matti Anttila issued a statement on why the brand chose Elvis Presley for their new line.

“Given our expertise within premium whiskey, the Elvis expressions are a natural fit for Grain & Barrel Spirits. Elvis was one of the most significant cultural icons of the 20th century and continues to inspire his fans today. We look forward to launching the brand, which is sure to be a highly sought-after collector’s item.”

Grain & Barrel Spirits secured a long-term licensing contract with Elvis Presley Enterprises, allowing them to use his likeness and associate their alcohol with him. Both bottles feature Presley on the label, with the letters “TCB” appearing on the neck for his motto, “taking care of business.”

You can buy both whiskeys at $49.99 a bottle by preordering them from the official website. Conversely, you can buy them at retailers across the United States in the coming weeks when it launches.

Amid Concerns Over a Sold Elvis Jumpsuit, Priscilla Presley Responds and Breaks Silence

Recently, one of Elvis Presley’s iconic jumpsuits and capes went up to auction with a steep price tag. Fans of the late musician assumed Priscilla Presley had something to do with it and wanted to profit from the auction. However, she recently denied the claims.

“To all concerned. I had ‘nothing’ to do with the sale of Elvis’s jumpsuit,” Priscilla posted on Twitter. “GWS Auctions owned the Jumpsuit. We have many at Graceland. I did not benefit from the sale in any way!”

Priscilla elaborated and admitted working with GWS Auctions, but for different reasons. According to her, the auction house asked if she would have lunch with the highest bidder.

“I was asked if I would offer a lunch to the highest bidder at the auction. It was an opportunity to give to some of the animal charities that I’m involved with, including Dream Foundation, of which I’ve been involved with for 18 years. GWS Auctions, auction many celebrity items which they own. FYI, in the last few years Graceland has had auctions.”