The ‘Super Bowl’ of Pumpkin Weigh-Offs Features Some Insanely Huge Gourds

by Kati Michelle

We’re roughly 2 weeks away from Halloween, but that’s plenty of time to gather your costume and get into the holiday spirit. Some lucky folks will start packing their bags for their stay in the house from the iconic horror movie “Scream.” If horror isn’t your thing, there’s no need to worry. There’s still plenty of other ways to celebrate fall before it makes its departure on December 21st. And if you’re out of ideas this year, the National Park Service just offered up a few pumpkin carving ideas of their own.

Still, going elbows deep in some pumpkin guts isn’t everyone’s forte either. If you appreciate the world of gourds but don’t want to get your hands dirty, we’ve got the next best thing: watching the pumpkin “Super Bowl.” The event kicked off in California and nearly saw a new world record. You’ll want to see it to believe it and we’ve got the video below.

California Pumpkin World Championship Sees Gourds That Weigh As Much As an Adult Walrus

The Safeway World Championship Pumpkin Weigh-Off took place in California’s Half Moon Bay. Its top contenders needed a forklift to transport them to the scene. With $19,000 up for grabs in prize money, the stakes were high. Check out this clip from the event’s happenings:

At the end of it all, Jeff Uhlmeyer walked away as the crowned champion. His pumpkin weighed almost as much as a metric ton– over 2,000lbs! Officially, judges marked the pumpkin’s weight at 2,191 pounds. Actually, this fell just shy of the World Record held by Mathias Willemijn with a pumpkin weighing 2,500 pounds.

Uhlmeyer attributes his success to a couple of things. He says, first and foremost, he focused on “good soil practices.” This involved “balancing the nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus” in the soil. Overall, he took it “back to the basics” for “good plant management.”

Another competitor from the video tells us that most of the pumpkins entered were only about 115-120 days old.

World’s Biggest Pile of Leaves

Back in 2012, a group of Utah buddies went viral for the way they celebrated fall. They raked together an estimated 20,000 pounds of leaves, creating a pile nearly 17ft tall and 60ft wide. Deseret News talked to the pals around the time the video first blew up.

“We’ve never done anything like that, but in high school, we’d always do crazy stuff,” said Garrett, a student of Utah State University at the time. “It’s every kid’s dream to have a giant pile of leaves.”

While the record wasn’t authenticated and more for fun, the feat is impressive nonetheless. Though their jumping off the roof should be prefaced with a “don’t try this at home, kids.” At the end of the day, there weren’t any scrapes, bruises, or broken bones. See why the video’s gained over 3 million views since then: