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Tennessee BBQ Pro Reveals His Secret to the Perfect Corn Pudding: Get the Recipe

by Amy Myers
(Tom McCorkle for The Washington Post via Getty Images; food styling by Lisa Cherkasky for The Washington Post via Getty Images)

There’s never a bad time for busting out the corn pudding recipe. From summer barbecues to holiday dishes, the classic southern side is always a welcome addition. While it may taste like a complex dish, anyone can become a corn pudding pro. In fact, the dish has only five ingredients that most folks can find in their pantries. Home cooks of all experience levels can cook up this instant crowd-pleaser.

One fan of the side dish, Shayne Nasby, owner of HoneyFire BBQ in Nashville, is a renowned corn pudding expert. The Grand Champion BBQ Pitmaster teamed up with his wife, Angela, to head the quickly successful restaurant and catering business. Of course, along with their original rubs and sauce recipes, customers rave about Nasby’s corn pudding.

And Nasby is proud to serve it.

While HoneyFire will always be the champs at making Hoosier corn pudding, Nasby generously shared their coveted recipe with FOX News for folks too far from the popular restaurant. Check out his recipe:

HoneyFire BBQ’s Hoosier Corn Pudding

Serves 8

Prep time: 10 minutes

Cook time: 45 minutes


  • ½ cup butter, melted
  • 2 eggs, beaten
  • 1 (8.5 ounce) package dry corn bread mix
  • 1 can whole kernel corn, drained
  • 1 can cream-style sweet corn
  • 1 cup sour cream
  • Optional: Spicy honey


  1. Preheat oven to 350°F, and butter a 9×9 inch baking dish.
  2. In a mixing bowl, combine butter, eggs, corn bread mix, whole and creamed corn and sour cream. If you want to get an airier version, whisk the eggs rapidly before adding to the mixture. Pour into baking dish.
  3. Bake for 45 minutes or until golden brown on top.
  4. If desired, top with spicy honey for a bit of a kick. Serve and enjoy.

Chef Shares Inspiration Behind Recipe for Corn Pudding

Generally, between bites of succulent meat, you need something with a bit of sweetness to help balance the flavors. While some southerners might opt for a sip of sweet tea, Nasby encourages true barbecue lovers to instead take a bite of his corn pudding recipe.

“Corn pudding is a southern staple made that is the perfect marriage of spoonbread, creamed corn and casserole,” the owner of HoneyFire BBQ shared.

Despite his passion for southern recipes like corn pudding, Nasby isn’t a Tennessee native. In fact, he sharpened his cooking skills up north in Indiana, where he grew up.

“At HoneyFire, we serve Hoosier corn pudding as a nod to the way we enjoy it in my home state of Indiana,” the chef behind the popular recipe said. “The sweet and savory combination is delicious. It’s the perfect side for an array of southern main dishes like fried chicken and, of course, barbecue.”

Simple, sweet and satisfying, Nasby’s version of the side dish always leaves customers craving more. Besides a Labor Day barbecue, this corn pudding recipe is one to keep in the front of your cookbook for any occasion.