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Thanksgiving 2021: Turkey Farmers Explain High Prices

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

While shopping for your regular Thanksgiving goodies, you may have noticed they’re a bit more expensive than usual. Turkey farmers recently provided an explanation and as it turns out, it’s a culmination of several factors.

Fox News spoke to turkey farmers and as it turns out, inflation, worker shortages, and supply chain problems are but a few of the reasons things are more expensive this year. Kyle Scott, co-owner of Old Glory Farm in Wisconsin with his wife, Deanna, spoke to the news outlet about the price hikes. “You name it, equipment, fuel, labor, everything. There’s just inflation. Everywhere we look, every direction we turn, everything seems to be more expensive.”

Deanna added the price of basically everything has gone up. Poults, feed, shipping, and labor have all increased in costs. For them to make money, they had to raise the prices of turkey. The Department of Agriculture supports that claim and released a report stating 8-16 pound frozen turkeys have increased a whopping 27% from a year ago.

On top of all that, Kyle and Deanna said many suppliers are suffering a shortage of employees and can’t process enough turkeys to give to grocery stores. Deanna reports some people called them about turkeys they preordered all the way back in May getting canceled on them.

However, the demand for turkeys is incredibly high and the couple has already sold out of their stock for the entire year. “We sold out a good three weeks before Thanksgiving, though it wasn’t easy. There was a high demand for it and there apparently was a turkey shortage.”

Hopefully, everyone reading this is sitting comfortably with a house full of turkey or whatever else you normally enjoy on Thanksgiving.

Kelly Ripa Argues Thanksgiving Meal Shouldn’t be in the Afternoon

Many households eat Thanksgiving dinner early in the afternoon. Whether it’s simply tradition or wanting to get to the delicious food faster, having dinner around 3 p.m. is often the norm. Kelly Ripa recently threw out her own hot take, saying it should actually happen later in the evening.

Last week on Live with Kelly and Ryan, Ripa voiced her controversial (and obviously wrong) opinion on the matter. “Thanksgiving dinner is dinner which means it should happen at dinner time. Dinner should be late!” she stated. “I do not understand everyone’s obsession with having Thanksgiving dinner at 2 p.m. Then you’re hungry at 6 p.m and 7 p.m. and 8 p.m, and then you’re eating, and then you’re binging, and then you’re having leftovers.”

Ripa dug her own grave with that last comment. How can she make it sound like having Thanksgiving leftovers is a bad thing? Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I’m not sure someone who says such a thing is trustworthy.