That’s Living: New York Newlyweds Scrapped $15,000 Wedding for 4 Honeymoons Instead

by Taylor Cunningham

Weddings are stressful and expensive. And anyone who has planned one knows that. Usually, the bride and groom are so focused on making everything perfect that the night flies by. And they hardly remember the event. So when a New York couple got engaged, they decided to just scrap the pomp and circumstance. Instead, they opted to spend their entire $15K budget on four honeymoons. And that, Outsiders, was pure genius.

The bride, Yulia Thomas, knows all about wanderlust because she works as a luxury travel advisor in New York City. Coordinating lavish getaways gave her a taste for vacations that could only be satisfied by traveling the world herself. And in a TikTok video, Thomas explained how her decision to forego a ceremony was “the best decision ever.” As of today, that video has been viewed over 2 million times.


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Thomas told her followers that her wedding plans got off to a horrible start. Both sets of families were fighting over the big day, which ruined everything. And when it came to her, she “didn’t want to entertain guests and didn’t care for the [wedding] dress.”

The bride went on to tell viewers that the whole thing was causing intense anxiety. And as she mentioned in her comment section, weddings are  “overwhelmingly overpriced” anyways.

 “[It’s] nothing like what they show in the movies,” she added.

The New York Couple Opted for Four Honeymoons Instead of Having a Lavish Wedding

But the wedding date was set, and they thought they had to follow through. But one day, they woke up and realized they didn’t have to go through with their plans after all. So instead of waiting nine more months to say “I do” in front of friends and family, they marched down to the courthouse and got married that day. And they recited their vows to each other with their two closest friends as witnesses.

“We called two of our best friends, I ran to the store and bought a $50 white dress, and we were married three hours later,” she remembered.

With the nuptials behind them, the couple had $15K to spend. And they decided to use the money on not one, but four honeymoons. So Yulia Thomas and her husband went to Greece, Italy, Hawaii, and Morocco in lieu of a fancy ceremony and reception.

The couple’s parents, who had been “pulling them in different directions” while planning the wedding, were disappointed. But ultimately, they got over it. Thomas added that both sets of parents just wanted their kids to be happy.

“It’s your life, and you should celebrate it however you want,” she remembered them telling her.