This Best Texas BBQ List Will Make You Drool on Your Keyboard

by Courtney Blackann

If you’re traveling through Texas, there are a few things you definitely have to put on your bucket list. Of course, you’ll have to visit Gruene Hall – Texas’ oldest dance hall – and check out a local country band. Visiting the Alamo is also a key historical stop. Then you’ll want to swing by Austin’s iconic 6th Street and grab a margarita. However, the most important pitstop you’ll make will be for some Texas barbecue. This is a must. Because once you’ve tried chopped beef Texas-style, there’s really no going back. Lucky for you, we have the best spots around the Lone Star state – so grab a napkin and get ready to drool.

Barbecue is a tradition. And like many traditions, pit-masters that are new to the game are finding ways to reinvent the old and make them new. Everything from pulled pork, ribs, chopped beef, and brisket are core barbecue staples. Several joints are taking these cuts of meat and spicing them up with variations in seasoning, sauce, and side dishes.

While there are restaurants that are staying more traditional ( with sides like street corn, coleslaw and beans), other places are trying new things.

Smoke and Spice: Texas BBQ Done Right

For example, the Burnt Bean Co. in Seguin (No. 4 on the list) will give you a good start on your BBQ journey. The classic cuts are not over-seasoned and the smoked turkey is perfect. In addition to the usual sides, this company also has some amazing desserts and cakes.

If you want a new take on tradition, Leroy & Lewis in Austin will give you just that. The joint only serves certain cuts of meat on certain days, however, whether it’s pork, beef, or smoked sausage, the spices will leave your mouth watering. At number 5 on the list, it also offers lessons in cooking barbecue during special weekends. With side dishes like sassy kimchi, braised cabbage with vinegar, and sausage, the restaurant is changing up traditional BBQ.

Feeling saucy? The number 3 spot belongs to Houston’s Truth BBQ joint. The place has a slow and homey feel and the meat is super savory. However, it’s the choice of sauces that make this place fun. You can customize how spicy you’d like your cut of meat to be. From a spicy red sauce to a more vinegar-based mustard, the choice is yours.

However, the number one spot belongs to Goldee’s – a newly opened BBQ restaurant in Fort Worth. While the owners take some liberties when it comes to their side dishes and desserts, the meat is smoked and prepared in a more traditional sense. However, it’s seasoned to perfection with the smokey flavors coming through jsut right. The sweet juices will also leave your mouth watering. Whatever the cooks are doing, it’s really working.

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