This Whiskey Brand Has Planted Hundreds of Thousands of Trees

by Madison Miller

By going to your local liquor store and buying one brand of whiskey, you could be helping the environment. You’ll also get to sip on some stellar whiskey at the same time.

The whiskey brand Noble Oak has been working to help reforestation efforts. For whiskey and bourbon brands, the relationship with trees isn’t typically as beneficial. Trees are used for the aging process while making these smooth and delicious liquors.

Noble Oak gets its hands on some American White Oak barrels to double-age its award-winning Double Oak Bourbon to perfection. The whiskey is also finished with Sherry Oak Cask Staves for an interesting flavor combination. All in all, that smokey and wood-centric flavor is a massive part of Noble Oak’s unique flavor profile.

Noble Oak Tree Planting Efforts

Now, the brand is paying homage and expressing gratitude toward the trees and the wood that makes it all possible. Although trees help make a mean whiskey, they’re needed for more important parts of our world’s critical functioning. Trees clean the air people breathe, help to filter the water we drink, provide essential resources, and also habitats for countless creatures.

According to Backpacker, the whiskey brand partnered with One Tree Planted to give back and keep a bountiful amount of its resources available. For each bottle purchased, One Tree Planted plants a seedling in the ground. This has so far resulted in 245,000 trees planted in 13 different states in the U.S. The company reportedly wants to plant 173,000 trees next year.

Noble Oak’s products wouldn’t be the same without that oak-inspired flavor. Working with reforestation organizations is the perfect way to respect and care for the natural resources the company is using.

“Noble Oak has been working with us since 2017, and they’ve had such a diverse impact across so many states in America … Each project has a specific objective, whether it’s forest fire restoration or expanding wildlife habitat for a particular species or mitigating erosion,” Diana Chaplin, the marketing director at One Tree Planted, said regarding the initiative.

From Whiskey to Tree Planting

By adapting to the needs of different areas, One Tree Planted and Noble Oak can make a real and very noticeable difference in areas that need it most. For example, they planted trees in the Chippewa National Forest, which is home to one of the largest bald eagle nestings in the country. Then, in California, they helped to plant trees in areas impacted by the Creek Wildfire and other devastating forest fires that occurred in the state.

Although we can’t see these changes yet, they will make a massive difference in the coming years. These trees will improve air quality and combat global warming when they grow out of the seedling phase.

From good drinks to good air, Noble Oak is certainly making quite the environmental impact.