Tread Up: Hot Rod Company Turns New Ford Bronco into a Tank

by Shelby Scott

All-terrain enthusiasts love to preach their vehicle’s ability to combat harsh environmental conditions. Typically, the Jeep 4X4s take the lead on these kinds of feats. However, it appears the Ford Bronco has put up some major competition.

As the Las Vegas SEMA Car Show nears, Ford commissioned four different custom Broncos to strut at the November event.

Outsiders have heard heavy-duty truck lovers speak highly of their vehicles, frequently bragging how it drives like a tank. Now the all-terrain vehicle has transitioned that sentiment into the literal. One custom design replaced the SUV’s tires with heavy-duty Mattracks tank-style tracks. So, as winter approaches, this particular edition will be, quite literally, plowing through the snow, tank-like abilities on display.

Fox News reports the all-terrain upgrade saw completion by Marcy, New York’s Tucci Hot Rods. The outlet shared that, alongside the Ford Bronco’s 4WD upgrade, the four-cylinder-seven-speed vehicle boasts a new snowboard rack. It additionally has exterior lights and retractable running boards. Though a small thing now, those running boards will be beneficial this winter as the driver can take on snow without worry of build-up atop the step-side.

Alongside the Ford-Bronco-turned-tank, Ford will also show off a decked-out Bronco RTR Fun-Runner and a two-door Black Diamond Bronco-turned-firetruck. Its final custom piece consists of a less-showy/more-luxurious take on the vehicle.

Ford Bronco Puts General Lee to the Test

Ford appears to be putting a handful of beloved American car brands to the test. While the Ford Bronco one-of-a-kind tank edition promises an all-new level of all-terrain fun, the Bronco previously called into question the endurance of “The Dukes of Hazzard’s” hallmark General Lee, the iconic 1969 orange Dodge Charger.

“The Dukes of Hazzard” originally premiered in 1979 on the long-running television network, CBS. As the show grew in popularity, fans fell in love with the durability of the cousins’ hallmark General Lee.

Decades later, the Ford Bronco puts that durability to the test. Typically, we associate the vehicle’s endurance with its ability to take on all kinds of rough terrain and weather conditions. Now, however, a souped-up Ford Bronco proves the vehicle can take to the skies just as well as the General Lee.

However, that’s not to say Ford Bronco owners should go out and start launching their vehicles off-ramps and mountains. The Bronco in reference is an amalgamation of necessary stunt-vehicle components. Alongside the beloved Ford body, the engine’s been replaced by a Chevy engine, providing more power to the vehicle.

It also boasts a header providing an impressive extra 75 pounds of torque, not to mention a little help from NOS. Encircling the vehicle overall, however, is a heavy-duty roll cage, typically found across several Jeep brand vehicles, especially the Wranglers. As a whole, this Bronco was made to fly.

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