Truck Driver Is ‘Proud’ to Haul Nation’s Tree to D.C. for Christmas

by Shelby Scott

Our nation’s truck drivers have endured major hardship throughout the length of the ongoing pandemic. The emergence of COVID-19 led to numerous shutdowns in transport via plane and overseas shipments. Simultaneously, it was the American truck driver that kept the country moving. Truckers delivered everything from food to medical supplies to increased amounts of special packages throughout the holiday season. And as we head into another round of holidays, the facts have not changed.

Now, one American truck driver is excited to “serve our country.” The dedicated truck driver submitted the saga of his adventures in delivering the nation’s Christmas tree to Fox News. The outlet then kindly shared the story with the rest of the nation.

The truck driver and author, Jeremy Bellinger, shares he’s been a proud U.S. trucker for more than 21 years, “[b]ut my current load gives me an especially strong sense of pride.”

According to the piece, the iconic tree was harvested in California on October 23rd. Since then, Bellinger has worked with a team of professional truck drivers to safely deliver the tree to D.C. The impressive white fir, deemed “Sugar Bear” ahead of its travels, measures an impressive 84 feet in height and 19 feet around. With a starting point in Eureka, California’s Six Rivers National Forest, the tree has traveled more than 4,000 miles across the U.S.

Throughout the journey, the team made 26 stops along the way. Bellinger writes he, his team, and the iconic tree have explored “dozens of our country’s beautifully diverse communities.”

A Truck Driver’s Perspective From the ‘Backbone’ of America

Bellinger’s detailed piece provided Outsiders great perspective as to the journey that follows the harvesting of our nation’s capital tree. However, he also provided insight as to just how truck drivers keep the country moving. Especially during the holiday season.

In his piece, the truck driver wrote, “Nothing makes me prouder than being part of the trucking industry, especially during the holiday season–when deliveries are so important.”

As we well know, Bellinger states that everything from the holiday feasts donning American tables to the lights decorating trees across the nation more than likely arrive at your doorstep via the trucking industry.

Bellinger further addressed the nation’s hardships as shortages across the country again begin to emerge. “[T]here is increased pressure on our nation’s supply chain…but the trucking industry is working hard to prevent any disruptions in deliveries to your home and store shelves.

Since the pandemic struck, Outsiders have familiarized themselves with the idea that truckers make up the backbone of America. Now, Bellinger highlighted the ways in which the statement is true. The truck driver cites that the nation’s 3.6 million truckers deliver to 80% of our country’s communities. He states the trucks deliver anything and everything we might imagine within their containers.

So, it appears the holiday season may potentially see a handful of delays regarding certain products. However, we can be sure one American truck driver plans to make the holidays as bright and meaningful as possible.