True Heroes: Firefighters Save Beer After Coors Semi Crashes

by Kati Michelle

First Responders (Law enforcement officers, Paramedics, Firefighters, etc.) are responsible for thousands upon thousands of miraculous rescues. We see them in action on the streets and various TV shows, like “9-1-1.” They put their life on the line to help victims of some of the worst accidents you can think of from train derailments to plane crashes. Outsider always stands by these heroes and that’s something that will never change.

To preface this next story, no injuries were reported from the scene. That’s what makes it such a novelty moment.

Spilling your beer is often considered one of the biggest “party fouls.” These firefighters worked together to salvage every last drop after a Coors Semi full of stock crashed in Colorado. We’ve got the ridiculously awesome footage of their rescue efforts below.

The Trusty Ole Bucket Brigade Method Helps Firefighters Save the Day

For those that don’t know, the Coors Brewing Company officially calls the state of Colorado home. Actually, the company’s first brewing location in the city of Golden bears a pretty impressive title. Apparently, it’s the largest single brewing facility operating in the world. Anyway, one of their trucks lost control not too far from there, leaving hundreds of beers exposed. Here’s what went down:

According to a Facebook post from Summit Fire & EMS, the accident was actually pretty hairy. Basically, a runaway tractor-trailer lost control coming out of the famous Eisenhower tunnel and clipped a Jeep. By the end of it, the tractor-trailer was on its side and rescue crews rushed to the scene, closing the roads. They miraculously discovered no injuries on site.

So, they set to work. The firefighters assembled and opted for the bucket brigade method to help unload all the 12-packs of Coors in no time. Officials then righted the Semi and got it towed. Another social media post from the crew describes how busy they’ve been.

“They might need some [beer] for themselves after their shift, as they have been hopping since yesterday morning with major crashes on what one longtime veteran engineer termed some of the iciest roads in his career.”

Showing Their Appreciation for Children’s Thank You Notes

Summit Fire & EMS work tirelessly to protect citizens from all types of danger. Recently, they found themselves in a difficult battle with Colorado’s Ptarmigan fire. On October 7th, they shared positive news of 75% containment alongside words of appreciation.

Children had written them “thank you” notes at school for their hard work and their post shared a few of these adorable gestures. Some even included artwork by the children depicting firefighters in full gear hosing down the fires.

The station writes that “It absolutely makes everyone’s day on the line when they open their sack lunches” to find these notes.