Veterans United Gives 11 Homes to Service Members in Honor of Veterans Day

by Michael Freeman

As the name suggests, Veterans Day serves as a day to honor those who served our country. Recognizing their monumental contributions, Veterans United Home Loans gifted 11 homes to service members.

Fox News reports Veterans United announced yesterday it would donate 11 homes to 11 United States veterans. Teaming up with Marine veteran and comedian Rob Riggle, the two parties selected 10 veterans. The veterans were chosen for making a difference in their communities. You may have noticed I said 10 were selected, instead of the previously-mentioned 11. That’s because the last home is still up for grabs and veterans can enter through the official website.

Vice president of military relations for Veterans United, Pam Swan, is a military spouse herself. After getting married in 1987, she became heavily involved in efforts to help our country’s heroes. Seeing firsthand what “military families are lacking,” she joined Veterans United in 2011.

“We as a company work on improving the lives of service members, their families and their communities, and that is the core of every decision we make,” Swan stated. “Last year, we made a big statement in trying to say thank you on Veterans Day in a more spectacular way.”

The donations were a surprise to home recipients. In fact, the veterans selected received approval for home loans, meaning they were searching for homes. Additionally, the chosen veterans helped their communities in various ways. “We had them from every stage of picking up issues ranging from food scarcity to economic mobility to involvement with athletes…in their respective communities,” Swan said.

New Jersey Residents Re-elect 97-Year-Old WWII Veteran as Mayor

Veterans really are a different breed of people. Even after their direct service to our country concludes, many find ways to still contribute greatly. This is certainly true for a New Jersey area, where residents re-elected a 97-year-old WWII veteran as mayor.

Tinton Falls elected Vito Perillo to once again lead the Monmouth County borough. Though not officially confirmed, Perillo appears to be the oldest mayor in the country. Taking to Facebook, he gave his thanks to those who voted for him and promised to do his best.

“Thank you to my fellow residents for trusting me to lead Tinton Falls forward for the next four years,” he wrote. “You may know that I am not a politician, but today I stopped to think about why people might vote for me. Maybe it’s because I’m a WWII veteran, or an “old guy” (hopefully not), or maybe it’s because you read my flyer highlighting our accomplishments over the last 4 years. My hope, however, is that it’s because you see that I care about our town and the people who live in it above anything else.”