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Vintage 1972 Winnebago Finds Second Life After Restoration from Junk Yard

by Victoria Santiago
(Photo by Marc TULANE/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)

A vintage 1972 Winnebago Brave was left in a junkyard back in 2012. 10 years later, the camper has been restored back to its full glory. The people who restored the camper actually have a YouTube channel, called “Life of Lind.” For a camper that’s 50 years old, it was in surprisingly good condition. Not to mention the fact that it hadn’t been used in a decade.

The vintage 1972 Winnebago was missing its rear window and needed some work on the headliner. However, the interior of the camper was perfectly complete, down to the bathroom and kitchen oven. Even with a window missing, the outside of the camper looks good, too. The roof is intact, and all of the paneling still stands straight.

This Vintage Camper Will Be Undergoing Some Big Changes Before Getting Back on the Road

The camper had something surprising under the hood, though. Originally, this model of the Winnebago Brave came with a 318-cubic-inch (5.2-liter) Dodge V8 engine. However, the one in this camper had been replaced with a small-block Chevy engine. Of course, no one knows why the original engine was replaced in this vintage 1972 Winnebago. It was a solid switch, but unfortunately, the Chevy engine just didn’t cut it for the people at “Life of Lind.” After four hours of work, the camper still wouldn’t start up. It had to be towed to a mechanic.

The camper won’t be out on the road for some time, according to AutoEvolution. The vintage 1972 Winnebago is currently undergoing some cosmetic and mechanical work. “Life of Lind” says that they’ll be completely redoing the interior of the camper. And, of course, the camper will be getting a new engine. Right now, we only know that this new engine will make the Winnebago camper “extra fast.” Apart from that, Lind is keeping an airtight lid on his plans for this surprising vintage find.

Winnebago Is Going Electric With This Camper Van e-RV

The popular RV maker is making an effort to become electric. Winnebago has announced its plans to create an electric RV. They’ve based their idea around the Ford Transit. The camper will have a full kitchen, bed, and bathroom. Plus, the couch even turns into another sleeping space. The Winnebago e-RV will be able to go 125 miles on one charge. The company thinks that this should be enough for more than half of new RV buyers. According to the RV maker, 54% of people only take trips that are less than 200 miles.

Winnebago is joining other automakers in their journey to become electric. BMW, Rolls-Royce, Ford, and more are all releasing their plans for electric versions of their most popular vehicles. Not to mention, Airstream’s cool new electric trailer that can be controlled via smartphone.