WATCH: German Shepherd ‘Defends’ Owner from Vacuum, is A Very Good Boy

by Courtney Blackann

Dogs are seriously the best. They’re loyal, loving and make the best friends. German Shepards particularly are fiercely protective. That’s what makes them so valuable to law enforcement agencies as well as therapy and guide dogs. In addition to them being super smart, German Shepards are also so sweet.

In a video that’s gone viral, a very concerned pup protects his owner from the worst culprit of all – the vacuum cleaner. During the puppy prank, the Shepard’s owner grabs the handle of the vacuum and pretends to be getting attacked, according to Newsweek.

Additionally, he holds it to his shirt and screams as the machine “attacks” him. Immediately, the German Shepard starts barking and getting tense. He then lunges for the vacuum head. The good boy bites the head of the machine. It’s only after the dog’s owner stops screaming that the sweet pup calms down.

The dog’s owner begins laughing and petting his confused pup on the head. The poor animal was really nervous there for a second. What a good boy he was coming to the defense of his owner! That could have been a real attack!

The owner posted the video to TikTok where it garnered over 20 million views. The account is known as ‘novikovsv’ and the TikTok user posts lots of videos of his sweet German Shepard – clearly an indication the pup has a happy and healthy life.


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Girl Saves Dog’s Life

Dogs are nearly perfect. Nearly. Though they are amazing, sometimes they need rescuing too. In another case, a dog needed rescuing from a human after a house fire could have turned fatal. Instead of the dog saving its human, an 11-year-old girl came to the rescue.

While sitting outside on a swing in September, Mackenzie Jenkins noticed smoke coming from her neighbor’s home. She didn’t wait – she took action. The young girl called 911 and told them what she was seeing. Because of her quick-thinking, she was able to help save the home – as well as the family’s home.

The Florida fire department’s spokesperson thought the girl did a wonderful job helping save the puppy.

“The dog is fortunately doing great,” the specialist shared in an email. Schuch continued, stating, “She was originally unresponsive when firefighters found her, but EMS cooled her and gave her oxygen and she woke up and was walking around before the fire was even out,” she said.

Additionally, Jenkins was awarded a Community Recognition Coin. The coin is given to those Cape Coral, Florida residents who go above and beyond in their efforts. It’s safe to say the 11-year-old went well above and beyond. Between noticing a problem and having the wherewithal to call the police, the young girl will do just fine out in the real world.