WATCH: Olive Garden Employee Reveals How World-Famous Breadsticks are Made

by Shelby Scott

It’s dinner time here, and, next to Olive Garden’s endless pasta, breadsticks sound absolutely delicious right now. Graciously enough, one Olive Garden employee shared a TikTok sharing with viewers how the world-famous breadsticks are made. Watch below and wait for your mouth to start watering.

TikTok user, Jack Linne (or @jacklinne8) shared the video in early July. While it wasn’t too popular at first, it has since reached over 4.6 million views. The clip falls in line with the latest TikTok trend where restaurant employees reveal how certain fan favorites are made. And when it comes to Olive Garden, we’ll take all the breadsticks we can get.

While Linne claims that the recipe is not a huge secret and that it can easily be found online, viewers grabbed ahold of the video and it quickly went viral. “I thought…people would be interested in it,” he explained and 4.6 million views proved him right.

How are Olive Garden Breadsticks Made?

Thanks to Linne, we now have an easy step-by-step video that tells us how these delicious breadsticks are being made. Using a popular platform voiceover, the fan-favorite Siri option, the Florida employee shows us the basics of this not-so-complicated recipe.

The clip begins with Linne laying out a dozen or so premade plain rolls on a tray to be baked in a preheated oven for three minutes. He applies what seems to be an unhealthy yet ever satisfying amount of butter to the rolls once they cool a little bit. Then to wrap things up, he simply coats the rolls with a layer of Olive Garden housemade garlic salt.

Simple? Sure. Delicious? Absolutely. An Olive Garden necessity? By far. Because of Linne’s video, we at least know how these delicious carbs are being prepared behind the scenes. That is, even if we can’t copy the recipe exactly at home. Perhaps another one of you TikTokers can tell us how the housemade garlic salt is made. Then we’ll truly have all the right secrets.

Restaurant Favorites and Secrets are Consistently Revealed on TikTok Video-Sharing Platform.

Thanks to the recipe-sharing TikTok trend, we not only have the secret to Olive Garden’s breadsticks. We also now know that McDonald’s has a secret menu. As if that weren’t shocking enough, they also apparently carry sheet cakes.

No, no, you read that right. Sheet cakes. While some locations do carry them, company representatives clarify that they are typically ordered for special occasions, on behalf of both employees and customers.

If you’re interested in being witness to that particular TikTok as well, click here for the full article. And if you happen to stumble upon a McDonald’s location that does carry these sheet cakes, you can score one for yourself for only $9.00.