Watch This Southwest Airlines Employee Cover Otis Redding During Phoenix Power Outage

by Clayton Edwards

Have you ever slept too late and felt sluggish, slow, and stiff when you got up? That’s how airlines across the country are feeling right now. From the outside looking in, flying seems like a rough journey at this point. For instance, American Airlines has canceled thousands of flights. Southwest Airlines is having many of the same issues. They’ve had hundreds of delays can cancelations in recent days. A staff and supply shortage caused most of those issues. On top of that, some of the nation’s biggest airports have been seeing power outages. Not long ago, a “power bump” plunged LAX into darkness. Then, earlier this week, equipment failure caused a power outage at Phoenix’s Sky Harbor.

System failure and an understaffed industry intersected for travelers at Sky Harbor this week. Many at the Southwest Airlines gates were already dealing with delays. Then, the power went out. This caused even more delays. The lack of power just seemed to make things worse. Several people in that crowd were probably wondering why they didn’t just drive.

This Southwest Airlines Employee Keeps Morale High

Amid the stress caused by the giant monkey wrench in everyone’s plans, one Southwest Airlines employee wanted to keep morale high. So, he took to the gate’s intercom and launched into a very topical rendition of the Otis Redding classic “Sitting on the Dock of the Bay.” Check a clip of the performance below.

The unnamed Southwest Airlines employee sings “Sittin’ here restin’ my bones. / And this loneliness won’t leave me alone. / For 2,000 miles I’ve roamed / just to make this gate my home. / Just sittin’ at the Southwest Gates, / watchin’ the planes go nowhere. / I’m just sittin’ at the Southwest gates /  wastin’ time.”

Sometimes, you just need the perfect song to make a bad situation a little better. It seems like this Southwest Airlines employee nailed it. The folks stranded at the gates seemed to enjoy his singing and even got a laugh out of the song. On top of that, he’s got a great voice.

This employee came in clutch when the airline and, more importantly, the passengers needed a boost. For a couple of minutes, his humorous singing brought everyone together for a shared laugh. Even if it doesn’t seem like it sometimes, we’re all in this together. We get these all-important if fleeting, moments of togetherness when people keep that in mind.

Southwest may not give this man a much-deserved raise for stepping up in a tough situation. Likewise, record companies probably won’t come knocking on his door to offer him a contract to get his voice on the airwaves. However, those around him can let him know that he was the hero those passengers needed. If by some small chance you know this guy, buy him a beer and tell him Outsider sent you.