WATCH: Zoo Animals Treat Themselves to Halloween Buffet of Pumpkins

by Jonathan Howard

Over at the Chester Zoo in Cheshire, England, even the zoo animals are in the Halloween spirit. Eating pumpkins and enjoying festivities. Snakes, bears, komodo dragons, lemurs, and more all got in on the celebrations.

If you need something to brighten up your day, just check out these cute, and fascinating animals are they navigate pumpkins. Seriously, this is one of the best videos I have seen all day, just what you need at the end of a long day. So, check it out below.

While most of these animals wouldn’t interact with pumpkins in their natural habitats, there is nothing wrong with a little holiday fun. Those snakes seemed to enjoy the holes in the pumpkins as they went through the little openings. Perhaps one of these animals was able to discover a new favorite snack. Those lemurs definitely seemed interested.

Clearly, the bears enjoyed the Halloween treats more than any of the other animals. They tore into the flesh and got to what they wanted. From a quick bite to eat to a fun new play-thing, each animal got something different out of the pumpkins. Hopefully, you aren’t too scared of some of these animals to watch the whole thing. Scales, hair, and everything in between can be seen. We all got to see a video filled with a ton of cuteness and good feelings. As long as you don’t mind things like tarantulas.

Giant Halloween Decorations Built In Ohio Neighborhood

Speaking of good Halloween, one man in Ohio is bringing the ultimate decorations to his neighborhood. Alan Perkins started building his new decorations earlier in the year. It took him 40 days to finish the project with well over 100 hours of labor invested.

However, what he got out of it was something truly amazing. The man was able to turn his entire house into a decoration. Along with the usual yard decorations such as headstones, spider webs, and 12-foot-tall skeletons, Perkins went above and beyond. Now, his home is a temple to the season.

As if the giant monster was coming out of the ground from under the home, one giant arm grips the roof above the front porch. On the other side of the house, another arm wraps around and into the yard. Then, as if the giant skeleton was coming out of the garage, almost half a giant skull with an eyeball peering out of the shingles. It is the pinnacle of at-home Halloween decorations.

On top of the amazing display, he has turned it into a charity fundraiser. Those that visit the display can donate to St. Jude’s. It is part of a project called Skeletons for St. Jude. With over 300 participants across 45 states, Perkins home is part of a nationwide project to raise money using great homes like his.