Watching Truck Loaded with Corvettes Go Up in Flames Will Give Car Lovers Nightmares

by Matthew Memrick

A Corvette-loaded tractor-trailer went in up smoke this week, and it was the stuff of nightmares for fans of the particular Chevy car.

Sadly, the nightmare turned into a reality this week with a reported ten brand new C8 Corvettes going up in smoke north of Nashville, Tenn.  

According to Jalopnik, the Corvettes’ value was from $750,000 to $1 million. And it was all caught on video.  

Hot Corvettes Get Even Hotter

Investigators would like to find out. With something that disastrous, we all have to know if it was an electric battery or something with the truck’s engine.

According to the Road & Track website, the truck driver pulled off to check an undisclosed problem at a Love’s Truckstop near White House, Tenn. The hauler was en route to Nashville from Chevy’s Bowling Green (Ky.) Assembly Plant. The Kentucky plant makes the car there, and the truck was bringing cars to Nashville dealers.

Soon after, a mass of flames reached for the sky, bringing death and destruction to the famous cars. A C8 Corvette Owners (And Friends) Facebook page posted a video of the ordeal and one person fumes with obscenities as the smoke billows.

On a side note, you’ve got to wonder if the brakes were hot. I’m no expert, but I guess we’ll have to wait until the insurance report comes out.

Amateur videographer Corieblue Fickes said he stuck around until the cars started “flying around.” In watching the video, some mini-explosions sent debris flying through the air.

Another website, Corvette Blogger, also got grisly after-photos from one photographer. In them, one can see the hauler’s front half burnt to a crisp.

The driver was unharmed and no injuries reported unless you add up the countless Corvette-loving hearts that died at the sight of the video.

Corvette-maker Chevrolet sent a statement to Road and Track to explain the event. The report retold the story and added that the vehicle logistics supplier was investigating the accident. Chevrolet closed the message by saying it was “reaching out to the affected dealers and customers.”

Another Corvette Disaster

Who can forget the time the earth opened up and swallowed Corvettes whole in 2014?

The Bowling Green-based Corvette Museum became victim to a sinkhole. The museum has a unique online exhibit about the incident with unfortunate pictures.

On Feb. 12, 2014, an early morning sinkhole opened up for the security cameras to see. Eight classic versions of the Chevy fell into the ground.

Two years later, a new exhibit opened up, explaining the event. The presentation went into the cars, their recoveries, how building’s repair and more.

There’s also a video of General Motors repairing two Corvettes. The museum also said it has one car left to repair, a 1962 Black Convertible.