This Is What You Get When Combining a Semi, Camper, and Suzuki Samurai Into One Vehicle

by Taylor Cunningham

Facebook Marketplace is known for having a lot of interesting finds. But perhaps the most interesting is this Semi, camper, and Suzuki Samurai sandwich. What more could a travel guru ask for?

Somewhere in California lives a person (maybe a fellow Outsider) who drove a semi and liked to camp. And while their camper was parked, they preferred getting around town in a normal-sized vehicle. So they fashioned a monster rig that carried all three of their needs.

The genius owner took a 1996 International 9200 semi and bolted a 2004 Arctic Fox pickup truck camper onto the back. Then they added a spot in the middle that holds a 1988 Suzuki Samurai. But the whole Suzuki wouldn’t fit inside, so the owner chopped off the back end. The concept surprisingly works well. And the future buyer could easily swap the Samurai out for a more modern car or truck.

According to the ad, the Semi doesn’t have a functioning air conditioner. But the rest of the contraption is in good condition. And the 16-year-old camper doesn’t have a single leak. If you’re interested, the whole thing will cost you $26,995. But just think of the look on the van lifers’ faces when you park your behemoth next to them.

The New Toyota ‘Tacozilla’ Pickup Camper Is Like a ’70s Mini Monster Truck

These days, more and more people are looking to downsize their lives so they have the freedom to roam. Travel and financial freedom have become a major goal, and Toyota is looking to capitalize on the trend. So the company is bringing back a camping classic.

In the 1970s Toyota created a hybrid camper truck with the Chinook RV company. And this year, they’ve decided to modernize the concept. An all-new camper is being built on a Tacoma TRD Sport chassis with a manual transmission. The end result looks like a mini monster truck, and we love it. 

“You’ve heard of tiny houses,” a Toyota employee said in a video. “This will probably be more like a micro house. We’ve had some rendering drawn. We’re starting to work on some of the engineering drawings and what it’s going to take and how many people we can actually fit into it.”

Toyota “Tacozilla’s” living quarters will be big enough for a six-foot two-inch person to stand in. And it will include a bed over the cab, a table, a kitchenette, and a toilet. So the camper has everything someone needs to hit the road for a while. And to make it even more tantalizing, it will also be suitable for off-roading.