Widow Jane Adds 13-Year-Old Bourbon ‘Lucky Thirteen’ to Year-Round Offerings

by Madison Miller

There’s nothing better to get into the spooky season spirit than a bourbon that’s been aged a lucky 13 years.

The Widow Jane 13-year bourbon called “Lucky Thirteen” is now a core member of the year-round products the brand offers. Originally, Widow Jane offered the bourbon in 2020 as a private barrel program but is expanding its availability due to its popularity.

The smooth bourbon is aged in large American oak barrels by the Widow Jane President and Head Distiller, Lisa Wicker. It comes from limestone-rich water from the Rosendale Mines of New York. Given the long aging process, this Widow Jane bottle is going to take on an all-new kind of taste.

Widow Jane Lucky Thirteen Bourbon

It’s also an excellent way to share Widow Jane’s master craft with the entire bourbon community.

“I see the ability to share really special expressions, like Lucky Thirteen, with whiskey geeks and industry friends as one of the real gifts of this profession. As our stock of well-aged bourbon beyond 10 years continued to mature, we were able to match Lucky Thirteen to our signature blending process, consisting of bourbons from Kentucky, Tennessee, and Indiana. This was a very natural evolution for us, to make a rich, complex bourbon, while upping the ante in proof to 93, versus our 10-year bourbon’s proof of 91,” Wicker said to The Whiskey Wash.

There is no chill filter, which helps give this bottle of whiskey a heavy, yet rich flavor on the palate. The specific tasting notes listed on the Widow Jane website are vanilla, black tea, and brown sugar on the nose. Then the palate will then tingle with orange peel, burnt sugar, and black walnuts. Finally, the finishing notes of the Lucky Thirteen bottle will bring the bourbon drinker caramel corn, red dark cherry, and oak tannin.

You can pick up a bottle for the price of $99.999 for a 750 ml bottle. The Lucky Thirteen bourbon is coming straight from the distillery located in the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn.

There’s plenty of other options the New York-based-brewery offers as well. That includes the Widow Jane Decadence, The Vaults, American Oak Aged Rye, Apple Wood-Aged Rye, and Bloody Butcher Bourbon.

New High-End Whiskey Offering

The Macallan Scotch brand recently unveiled the “Tales of The Macallan Volume I.” Sarah Burgess is the Lead Distiller. It was first distilled back in 1950 and is now sold in bottles in 2021.

This means that the whiskey is has been aged for 71 years. It is encased in a Lalique crystal decanter that is also placed into an almanac book. The different volumes will tell the story of The Macallan pioneers.

If it wasn’t clear based on the description so far, this whiskey is no cheap buy. There will only be 350 of these decanters around the world and it’s selling for $80,000.