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Winnebago Debuts Electric Camper Van e-RV

by Amanda Glover
(Photo by Ann Johansson/Getty Images)

Have you Outsiders ever heard of a battery-powered camper van that can go 125 miles per charge?

Winnebago is now going electric! The Winnebago e-RV is the idea for a future electric camper van. The recreational vehicle company revealed a new idea it calls “the e-RV” that might be on sale soon.

The camper van is based on the Ford Transit. It features a powertrain designed by Lightning eMotors, which specializes in commercial electric vehicle conversions. Currently, the company builds an electric Transit cargo van for DHL.

The e-RV is designed with a full kitchen, bed, and bathroom. The couch even turns into a double bed! The battery powers the vehicle’s water heater, heat-pump style air condition system, induction cooktop, and refrigerator. The idea is for the vehicle to come with a full bathroom trimmed in cork flooring and insulating wool wall covering. Does it sound fancy enough yet?

The camper contains an 86-kilowatt-hour battery pack that can be recharged in 45 minutes at a charging station. It provides up to 125 miles worth of driving.

Winnebago believes the vehicle will be enough for the 54% of new RV buyers. These buyers often take trips that are less than 200 miles.

Pricing and production plans for the powerful new camper haven’t been announced yet. However, Winnebago said they’re looking to offer a “compelling value.” They also claim that conventional camper vans range from $100,000 to over $200,000.

$210,000 Camper Van For the Ultimate Road-trip Lover

It’s not unusual for many people to want to travel in style. Whether they’re taking a long drive to the beach or exploring the mountains, there’s nothing wrong with looking great while doing it.

Now, a brand new camper includes all the hot upgrades needed to live comfortably while making stops to smell the roses.

According to Yahoo News, the mastermind behind the vehicle is the company, Jayco. However, it comes to a lovely $210,750.

As claimed by Jayco’s product director Ryan Eash, the RV market continues to thrive. The market wants to soon get high-class campers on the roads.

“We’re going to continue to build our van portfolio as fast as we can. We have really felt over the past couple of years that we need to put a ton of focus in that van segment,” Eash said.

$2.4 Million RV Includes Built-In Garage Underneath

Well, that’s one way to avoid calling a tow truck to transport your expensive 2-seat vehicle.

Germany’s Volkner Mobil creates an RV that comes with a storage compartment between the axles. That’s big enough to fit a low-slung sports car or compact.

The central garage includes a slide-out platform to drive the car onto, which then retracts to hide it behind a door. The space is small enough to only creates a small step inside but can be customized to fit many different vehicles.

Even though its main market is Europe, a Volkner representative revealed to Fox News Autos that its products are available around the world, including North America.

So Outsiders, is anyone interested?