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Move Over Lemonade Stands: Wisconsin 9-Year-Old Sells Nearly 200 Burgers a Weekend

by Jon D. B.
(Photo By Susan L Angstadt/MediaNews Group/Reading Eagle via Getty Images)

With a “here you go!” as endearing as his smile, watch as this 9-year-old Wisconsin Outsider builds a burger empire in Boone’s Burger Stand.

That’s right, fellow Outsiders, this little man is out-hustling some of America’s top burger entrepreneurs. In one day last weekend, 9-year-old Boone Evans sold over 150 burgers on a Saturday. That’s a lot of patty slingin’!

The circumstances for that momentous total, however, are infuriating. Why? Young Evans has had his Boone’s Burger Stand open since last year. Then, earlier in 2021, some bottom-feeder stole his grill. Yes, really.

“When I got my grill stolen, the day I got really sad about it,” Boone tells local NBC 12 News beneath a camo hat. Cue up the torches and pitchforks, Outsiders. This means war.

Or it would, if one local Outsider hadn’t immediately stepped up to right this ridiculous wrong.

“I thought to myself, ‘Man, this is an opportunity to help this guy out,'” offers Bob Morrison, owner and operator of Mac Daddy Lawn Care, for the outlet.

Morrison knew the grill was missing because recreational deputy for the Forest County Sheriff’s Department, Chad Mullins, had been keeping an eye on it.

“It was sitting here the first few days and then the last day is when I noticed it was missing,” Mullins tells NBC 12.

So without hesitation, Bob Morrison would head to the hardware store to make Boone’s Burger Stand whole again with a brand new grill. Now, Boone and his helper – 8-year-old brother Gatlin – can continue to build their burger empire.

Boone’s Burger Stand Continues to Bring Smiles to Crandon, Wisconsin

But patties aren’t the only smile-inducing item on their Crandon-based menu. Every Saturday, the boys open up Boone’s Burger Stand with a signature drink: Popsicle tea.

“Popsicle tea is my own creation,” Boone cites.

Seriously, someone get this kid all the scholarships. Or a Jeep for little brother Gatlin.

“I’m saving up for a snowmobile and then after that a Jeep,” the younger Evans says from below his Western wide-brim.

If he and Bone keep up the 150+ burgers a weekend, Gatlin will have that snowmobile in no time. And what young Outsider doesn’t want a Jeep as their first vehicle to follow? Yet these boys aren’t in it for the material gains. At least, not entirely.

“My favorite part is when people leave with a smile,” says Boone with his own heart-warming grin.

Little brother Gatlin adds that his favorite part is “Just making food. It makes me happy, so we want to continue on doing this.”

And so far, that’s the plan. NBC 12 says Boone’s Burger Stand will remain open every Saturday until the cold of winter sets in. Until then, grillin‘ Gatlin has just one request:

“Can you please stop by, any of you guys that are watching?”

Time for a drive out to Crandon, Outsiders.