Wisconsin Brewery Using City’s Christmas Tree to Flavor Its New Holiday Beer

by Jon D. B.

Wisconsin’s Black Husky Brewery is making good on the “Season of giving” by delivering the City of Milwaukee Christmas tree to the people. As beer.

Tim Eichinger is about as much an Outsider as humanly possible. The man owns Black Husky Brewery, a passion-turned-business born of his love for crafting beers and the great outdoors. That might as well be our mission statement.

2021’s Christmas season is affording Eichinger and his brewery the chance to combine his two passions like never before, too.

“I looked at the tree and I said ‘I think that’s a spruce tree, and I wonder if I could get a couple of branches of that,'” Tim tells local TMJ 4 Milwaukee. He speaks, of course, of the spruce tree currently serving as the City of Milwaukee Christmas Tree.

From it, Black Husky Brewery will make their first-ever “Tree Sproose” beer; something that just shot to the top of many’an Outsider’s “I gotta try that” list.

Milwaukee’s 2021 Christmas tree was donated by Katie Major and Mike Connell. Their story leads perfectly into this new tradition, too. Mike would propose to Katie on Christmas Day in 2020, the first year Black Husky Brewery would try making a beer from the city’s Christmas tree. As a result, Katie’s grandfather would suggest they donate their tree to become the next heart of Black Husky’s brew.

They’re a couple of Outsiders, too; each members of the DPW Forestry Services. And when it comes time to bottle the beer made with their spruce, they’re invited to take part.

Wisconsin Brewery Brings Milwaukee Outsiders the Ultimate Merry Christmas

Eichinger is looking forward to it as much as anyone. His journey with brewing began in 2010 after his wife, Toni, got him a craft beer kit as a present. His love for the art of craft beer would eventually blossom into Black Husky Brewery, which he co-founded in 2016.

“We really have enjoyed the experience and people we have met,” Tim says of the road that led him to 2021’s “Tree Sproose” beer. “This tradition has now developed where the family now comes out and helps bottle, and the forestry department comes out as well.”

How’s that for a Merry Christmas, Milwaukee? This 9.9% beer is now on sale at their 909 E. Locust St., Milwaukee location.

To make matters even sweeter, profits from each can of beer go towards the Milwaukee Urban Forestry Fund. This organization supports tree planting projects across the city. Schools, local parks, and green spaces in both neighborhoods and commercial districts all benefit from the program, something Tim’s Outsider spirit loves.

This was, after all, his intent behind the entire Wisconsin endeavor.

“You’re trying to give back and it’s a season of giving,” the brewer offers. It may seem like a small thing, but if we all do these small things, it becomes a big deal.”