Wisconsin Marine Corps Veteran Receives Accessible Home in Touching Gesture

by Matthew Memrick

An injured Marine Corps veteran in Wisconsin will soon get a new custom house from a non-profit company in a touching gesture.

Spectrum News reported that Bobby McCardle would soon move into the customized dream home thanks to non-profit Homes for our Troops. The group donates specially adapted custom homes for veterans injured after 9/11 all across the United States.

For Lance Corporal McCardle, the home will be a big help for his family down the road.

“This home is going to make the future a lot more manageable,” the veteran said.

Veteran Has Had Tough Road Since Iraq

An IED hit McCardle during his overseas tour in Iraq. He lost his right leg, suffered a traumatic brain injury, and experienced other internal injuries from the 2007 explosion.

“I was 20 years old,” McCardle told Spectrum News. “Me and my wife were just married, so it was a wonderful challenge to start off our lives.” 

The McCardles coped with the challenge. Bobby McCardle had 40 surgeries at Balboa Medical Center in San Diego when he returned to the United States.

Now, after 13 years and two children (Taylor and Chase), they will soon take the keys to the Muskego home.

Witico, a building company in town, is helping the family’s dream home come to life. Witico CFO Gary Thomas said the project is dear to him.

“To be able to provide something for a deserving veteran like Bobby who gave everything for this country, it’s just been a real honor for us to be involved in,” Thomas said.

Future Is Bright For Veteran With New Home

The home features a larger doorway, a sit-down shower, and wheelchair accessibility. The veteran said another great feature about the house was the flag pole, something the veteran said will be his first.

There are other adaptive features to use as McCardle works with his injuries. McCardle hopes to become more independent in the future living space.

“As my injuries continue to evolve, let’s face it, not positively, this home is covering a lot of bases for me,” McCardle said.

Though he is medically retired, McCardle told Homes for our Troops that he hopes to plan a career and do more volunteer work. He’s a softball coach for his daughter’s team and a Sunday School teacher at his church.

But he hopes to do more.

“I can guarantee when I receive this home, I will be finding many more opportunities to serve my community,” the veteran said.

In addition to providing a free home, Home for our Troops provides a pro-bono financial planner for three years to help the veteran with financial planning and household budgeting. The group also gives a homeownership education and warranty coverage for the veteran to have long-term success as a homeowner. Home for our Troops also has a peer mentoring program also helps veterans and spouses.