World War II Veteran, 96, Honored with ‘Dream Flight’ Emotionally Details Trip in 1940s Biplane

by Quentin Blount

World War II veteran Cy Massar was an aviation machinist mate in the Navy during the war. And earlier this week he got to live out a dream.

Massar was honored with a flight on a 1940s biplane. Dream Flights, a charity based in Nevada that connects with veterans all over the country, helped put the whole thing together. They provided a Boeing Stearman biplane for Massar, who is from Chicago, to ride in.

The 96-year-old veteran has accomplished a lot during his military career. He considers his work as an aircraft mechanic as the best thing that has ever happened to him. And he is sure confident in his abilities.

“I could fix Stearmans with rubber bands and Band-Aids,” Massar said.

According to the American Heritage Museum, Boeing actually bought out Stearman in the 1930s. However, they continued to produce the Stearman Model 75 aircraft for the military during World War II.

After his flight this week, Masser explained how amazing it was to be back up in the air.

“I’ve flown in a lot of commercial and military airplanes,” Massar told volunteers with Dream Flights. “I felt more alive and like I was closer to God than ever in my life today in this Stearman. I could feel it.”

The flight for the World War II veteran was made even more special. Massar said that the pilot “put the wing” of the plane “right over” his house “and made a turn around it.”

It is no doubt an amazing story. And for Cy Massar, it is likely one of the best moments in his entire life. He let the organization know exactly how he felt after the flight was over.

“Thank you, thank you, and God bless you for what you are doing. I really appreciate it.”

Dream Flights Honors as Many World War II Veterans as Possible

Dream Flights is most definitely a dream come true for so many of our veterans out there. The work to preserve the stories of World War II veterans like Cy Massar. And, of course, they provide them with an honorary flight in a Boeing Stearman biplane. They are able to bring these dreams to life thanks to the support from donors and volunteers.

The organization’s official mission is to “locate and honor as many World War II veterans as possible with free Dream Flights in 2021.”

Meanwhile, readers on Fox News offered up their thank yous to Cy Massar and the rest of the World War II veterans.

“We owe this generation so much. Not just their military service but what they accomplished after. They turned the United States into the most prosperous and powerful nation the world has ever seen. And they did it with grace and dignity. Truly the “Greatest Generation.”