World’s Largest Bottle of Whiskey Costs a Fortune

by Clayton Edwards

Most of us have that one bottle of whiskey that has been in the cabinet for longer than anything else. It’s the one we only crack on special occasions. Maybe it’s a rare small-batch bourbon or a well-aged Irish whiskey. Whatever it is, it’ll last years and probably watch several other bottles come and go. On August 8, members of a joint venture unveiled the world’s largest bottle of whiskey. It’s a bottle your grandkids would have to pass down.

Taking the world’s largest bottle of whiskey from a dream to reality wasn’t easy. Two companies who are steeped in whiskey, Fah Mai Holdings Group and Rosewin Holdings Group, teamed up with Duncan Taylor Scotch Whisky to make it happen. The latter is an independent bottler who created the massive container and helped to fill and seal it.

The bottle stands 5’11’’ and holds 311 liters, according to Food and Wine. With that kind of capacity, it would be fair to assume that they filled it with something cheap. After all, 311 liters of even the cheapest rotgut would be pretty pricey. However, they didn’t skimp a bit. They filled the world’s largest bottle of whiskey with one of the most expensive liquors on the market.

It contains two full casks of 32-year-old Macallan Scotch. Macallan Distillery also holds the world record for the most expensive bottle of whiskey ever sold. Fah Mai’s owner, Louis Haseman, explained why the largest bottle of whiskey in the world is so valuable. Apparently, a 750mL bottle of 30-year-old Macallan fetches between $5,500 and $7,000. “What we have here in our mega bottle alone is around 444 of those.” Some quick math puts the bottle’s price tag at about $1.8 million. That’s just the whisky in the bottle.

More About the World’s Largest Bottle of Whiskey

It took the team at Duncan Taylor Scotch Whisky over an hour to fill the bottle. They really put time and care into their bottling process on a normal day. This undertaking was anything but a normal day. Jack Brockbank, an official judge from Guinness World Records waited as they finished the bottling process, according to Grampian. After they were finished, he had no problem declaring it the world’s largest bottle of whiskey.

The Famous Grouse Experience held the previous record for the largest bottle of whiskey back in 2012. Their bottle held 228 liters and stood about 5’6’’. The new bottle beat them in both height and capacity. If it ever sells, the bottle will probably hold two records.

It will be possible to get your hands on some of the same whisky. After filling the massive vessel, they also filled 168 500mL bottles. These limited edition bottles will go to auction later this year.