Worst Cheap Beer in America Declared by Customers in New Survey

by Amy Myers

Brew fanatics all know that the best beer is the one you can afford and fit in your fridge. Thankfully, there are dozens of big-name brands that fit the bill for this description. And, like anything, the sheer variety of long necks has caused a bit of rivalry between fans. Choosing a brew brand is like choosing a sports team. Once you’re loyal to them, you have to hate everyone else. And there’s always one team that everyone makes fun of. In this case, Mashed conducted a survey that revealed the worst cheap beer in the nation according to 637 avid brewhounds.

We all have that one cheap beer that we wouldn’t drink even if it was the last cold one. You’d choose a seltzer or even a wine cooler over that brand. Sure, it might have been fine when you were younger, but now that you know the difference between good beer and just beer, you can’t stomach the taste anymore. In Mashed‘s survey, there were six major brands that brew fanatics despised the most. And while these brands typically do well on the market, that doesn’t mean many customers are buying them as a first choiceor even a third choice.

No. 5 – Budweiser: Coming in fifth place is a cheap beer you’d find at just about any event. The “King of Beers” royally suffered in the ranks as 11.5 percent of survey-takers agreed they wouldn’t drink it.

“This is mainly just a palate cleanser to wash down food,” one reviewer said on Beer Advocate. “Body is very thin and the aftertaste is gross. I really can’t believe I used to like this stuff.”

No. 4 – Busch: Budweiser’s review is fairly mild compared to what cheap beer fanatics thought of Busch.

“I can drink pretty much anything but I honestly couldn’t manage to choke down a half can of this before pouring it out,” a reviewer said. “It smells like wet cardboard. The kind that gets stuck at the bottom of your trash can for months.”

How many respondents would refuse Busch? 11.93 percent.

No. 3 Keystone: Survey respondents were a little more adamant about their feelings on Keystone. This time, 17.27 percent of them claimed they would refuse Keystone even if a bartender offered them a bottle, free of charge.

“This beer looks okay, which is a horrible, horrible trick,” one reviewer said on Beer Advocate.

No. 2 Natural Ice: The runner-up of the worst cheap beer competition is the light version of National Bohemian, or “Natty Boh” as Marylanders lovingly refer to it. Almost 24 percent of respondents said they wouldn’t touch this beer.

“This is a poor adjunct lager, smells bad, tastes even worse,” a reviewer shared.

No. 1 Milwaukee’s Best: Ironically, Milwaukee’s Best is the Nation’s Worst when it comes to cheap beer. A full quarter of survey respondents claimed they wouldn’t drink this beer.

If this is Milwaukee’s best, they should probably stop making beer,” a passionate beer advocate said.